Design Tips: 10 Amazing Ideas for Outdoor Rooms

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Planning on having an outdoor room or perhaps purchasing a home with one? Then you’ll enjoy these 10 ideas for outdoor rooms. More than just living spaces, outdoor rooms these days are a key feature for some homes. Read on and enjoy these eye candies!

Treetop Canopy Room

Whether you live in the rural or urban area, having an outdoor space with a high vantage point is meant to wow! Bonus points if you love the outdoors and like the romantic ambiance this outdoor room idea has!

Outdoor Theatre Anyone?

A sunken courtyard and a mini stage is something to consider if you’d want a home theatre outdoors-style. An outdoor home theatre easily doubles as a spare living room as well.

Trellised Roof or Hallway

Love the idea of an outdoor room but is not too sure about going all out? Then opt for a trellised hallway or ‘roof’. It will give you the feel of a porch, the sanctity of an indoor room, and the light and sun of an outdoors room. What more do you need?

Bedroom With Mother Nature

An enclosed space with a day bed is all you’ll need to sleep in Mother Nature’s bosom. Add in your favourite greeneries and you’ll be in bedroom-heaven!

A Hole in the Wall?

If you’re not prepared to have a fully outdoors room constructed, you can opt for a dual-purpose hole in the wall. An example is a seating area with sliding doors which can easily transform it into an indoor nook, or an outdoors haven.

Outdoor Living Room

Transform your porch or patio into an outdoor living room by decorating it with furniture made with wicker, stainless steel, and durable wood. You’ll love the fresh breeze during spring and summer and how it doubles as a sun room. Your imagination is really the limit!

Outdoor Kitchen

Love barbecues and grilling? Then go for an outdoor kitchen. If you’re really creative, you can also opt for an indoor-outdoor one! You can even design your cabinets to work well with your outdoor scenery and who doesn’t want an outdoor oven for pizza night? Use stainless steel, durable stone, and other materials which matches your landscape as well as your interiors for seamless integration.

Outdoor Bathroom

Create an intimate retreat surrounded by lush greenery by converting a lanai or small pocket garden into an outdoor bathroom. You can add a cascading stone waterfall or perhaps a feature wall opposite your tub. Install special showerheads so that you can enjoy bathing in the ‘rain’ whenever you want. More than this, ‘skinny-dipping’ under the stars is a must try, even if it is in your own tub!

Outdoor Dining Room

Dining alfresco is always fun, more so if you can do it at home! You can choose to have a ‘walled’ structure which opens to the sky or perhaps a 2 walled or 3 walled one with each wall serving a function of their own, such as a ‘kitchen’ wall, a ‘seating’ wall, and maybe add a vertical garden wall as well, to bring the outdoors ‘indoors’. It’s like inception!

Have an ‘Invisible Room’

Ever wanted to have a home with a secret panel wall? You can incorporate that to your next renovation or build so you can have a ‘secret’ outdoor room! You can have a bathroom which opens to the outdoors or perhaps have an entire wall which opens to your garden. It really is all up to you!
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