Design Tips: 10 Beautiful Upgrades for an Elegant Kitchen

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Elegant is often not a word used to describe kitchens, but wouldn’t you love to make your kitchen a tad more dreamy? We’ve come up with 10 simple changes and additions to achieve that below. See which ones jive with your aesthetics and give them/it a try!

Use A Pendant Light

Plain light fixtures can seem boring and dated. Simply changing an old light into a new pendant light can dramatically alter your kitchen’s ambiance. Don’t go crazy with a huge pendant light though, you want one that’s going to blend in and stand out at the same time.

Paint Your Walls

Repainting your walls a richer hue may be all that you’ll need for an instant kitchen makeover. A warm mocha, a beautiful greige, or a smoky blue ought to do the trick.

Go for a Rich Cabinet Colour

Darker hues often brings an air of sophistication. If you’re not ready to paint your kitchen cabinets black or a warm slate shade, you can always opt for a darker wood stain for an elegant touch.

Install Roman Shades

Roman shades have a classic finished look that would look great in any kitchen. Find a pattern or colour that will not clash with your cabinet and wall colour. For a no fuss look, natural linen never goes out of style.

Get Upscale Counter Stools

Often underrated, kitchen counter stools can make or break a pretty design scheme. Bistro stools, sculptural wooden stools, or even lucite ones will do better than your ‘ole plain bar stools, unless you’re really going for a shabby chic vibe.

Lay Down a Chic Rug

A cute indoor-outdoor rug would take care of having to deal with possible spills. With the myriad of patterns and colours available these days, you’ll surely find one that will perfectly complement your kitchen.

Try Unexpected Decorative Details

You’d seldom find artwork and mirrors in a kitchen but they can add a lot of character and sophistication, more so when placed in an unexpected corner. A black and white photo wall would be great as well.

Have Some Topiaries

Real plants would be a lot better but if you have a drab kitchen corner that’s not getting enough natural light, high quality fake plants and topiaries will surely bring the sunlight in.

Use Branches in a Tall Vase

Certainly more elegant than cut flowers, an armful of seasonal tall branches arranged in a tall vase is a no-fuss way to add a stylish flair to a kitchen, or any room for that matter!

Install Glass Cabinet Fronts

Updating your old cabinets by replacing the fronts with glass will not only save you money by forgoing replacing the whole cabinetry but will also make your kitchen look more roomy, lighter, and very classy. You don’t have to replace all the cabinet fronts with glass either. Simply choose a few key cabinets so you can display your beautiful tableware in them and still have some cabinets for keeping some things out of sight. Isn’t that a nice compromise?
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