Design Tips: 10 Creative Ways to Add Storage and Use to Your Staircase

The area under and around the staircase is often what designers refer to as dead space in most homes, but do you know that there are a lot of fun and inventive ways that you can use the space beneath and around your stairs? Here are 10 creative ways to add storage and use to your staircase!

Add Open Shelving

Fancy having a cute nook for prized possessions? Look no further than under the stairs! Add open shelving to showcase your collection of knickknacks and add an interesting focal point at your home. Wasted space no more!

Extending a Room

Space is at a premium these days and with homes shrinking in size, you’ll need every square foot you can squeeze in! By using the space under your staircase to extend a room, you’ll get some much needed workspace and storage – a great bonus for rooms such as the kitchen and family room.

Create a Nook

A reading nook or a crafting area would work great under the stairs. It is quiet, out of the way, and offers a lot of creative possibilities!

How About a Pantry?

Who wouldn’t love a full pantry? Well, you can certainly have one under the stairs! This works best with built in cabinets made with minimalist features. Don’t want a pantry? Then make it a stylish utility closet!

Have a Library

Who says that you need a whole room for a library? Create shelves and transform the whole stairs into a book haven. Simply make sure that your stairs library won’t get in the way of your daily traversing of the stairs, that won’t be very fun!

Shoes Hideaway

The problem of the errant shoes is a real predicament in every home. This creates unsightly clutter and is just plain irritating. An easy solution are slide-out shoe racks under the stairs. They are neat, lovely, and might just be your ticket to save you from shoe-clutter insanity.

Insert a Home Office

Hey, if a library and a reading nook works, then why not a study or a home office? This certainly works better than having an entire room dedicated for an office and works just as well. Just don’t forget to install adequate lighting, as the space under the stairs can get quite gloomy.

More Drawers!

Who doesn’t need more drawers? If you’re like most people, having more drawers is a welcome sight. Stash your mails, files, school and office things, or just about anything. Yes, even the traditional under the stairs stuff – your household cleaning supplies!

Mini Utility Room

Speaking of household stuff, not all homes have space for a laundry room, so why not use the space under the stairs for this purpose? You may not be able to fit both washer and dryer in there but any saved space is premium space, especially for small homes.

Indulge in a Mini Bar

If your stairs is wide enough, you can fit an entire mini-bar under it with room to spare for a few stools for that pub-like feel. The best part is the fact that the space under the stairs is naturally cool, making it ideal as a mini wine-cellar as well.
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