Real Estate Advice: 10 Staging Tips That Will Help Your Home Sell Fast

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Selling a home fast isn’t always about location and price, sometimes it’s all about staging! Below are some expert and insider tips on how you can stage your home to make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Rev Up the Curb Appeal

First impressions count. When a potential buyer can’t help but want to see inside your home after driving by, it’s almost always a guaranteed sale!
Make sure that your porch is as inviting as can be, shrubs are trimmed, pave way has been power washed, and you’ve got a flowering plant or two. Porch lights won’t hurt either.

Make it Inviting and Clean

You want your home to be sparkling clean and free of clutter but at the same time, you also want it to feel warm and lived in. This can be achieved by hiring professional cleaners to make floors shine and windows gleam. You’ll have to put anything you don’t regularly need into storage so they don’t clutter up the home. Lastly, you’ll want a few personal touches such as some fresh fruits in the kitchen and freshly rolled towels in the bathrooms to make the home feel warm and inviting.

Give Your Floors Some Love

If replacing a floor that is in poor shape isn’t an option, get it professionally cleaned or use some strategically placed rugs.

Make Rooms (Gender) Neutral as Much as Possible

Grays and neutral colours work wonders as they appeal to everyone and look sophisticated without even trying. Greige and mocha are great colour options for walls too. As for linen and curtains, crisp white ones are a safe bet.

Organise Pet and Kids’ Things

Just because another family has pets and kids too doesn’t mean they will enjoy toys strewn around and the family pet strolling around. You want them to see the possibilities your home has to offer, so make sure that it is an appealing possibility that you will be presenting.

Play Up Your Dining Area

The dining area is often a neglected part when decorating the home. By making sure that you do not overlook your dining area by making it look put together but not too formal, you might be able to sway a sale right then and there!

Create Interest

If you have some areas of the home that are often underused, such as a nook, an alcove, or perhaps the area under the stairs, create interest by placing a piece of artwork or converting that area into a mini office. This will create interest and make potential buyers want to explore the home more.

Hide Nothing and Highlight Extra Space.

If you have an extra room, convert it into usable space for the duration that your home is on the market. This makes your home feel roomier and can make potential buyers think of the possible ways they can use your space.
While you’re at this, make sure that you also highlight how much storage space you have by having clean and organised closets that people are welcome to look into.

Think Seasonally

If you’re showing in the winter, highlight cosy areas. If you’re showing in the summer, showcase your outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or garden. If you’re showing in autumn, a roaring fire in the fireplace is a good seasonal touch.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Even some condos and apartments have a small balcony or outside area, so make sure that this space is used and presented at its best too. You can create a mini breakfast nook or perhaps a potted garden. This way, potential buyers would see the possible ways they can use the space instead of it looking like a small non-descript extension of the home.
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