Real Estate Advice: 10 Staging Tips to Make Your Home Drool-Worthy for Shoppers

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No one selling their home or property would want to be on the market for months up to years – the goal is always to sell fast and to sell smart. How do people need to go about preparing their home for sale? We’ve compiled some staging tips to help you make your property irresistible to buyers!

Make Sure that You’re Really into This

It is perfectly normal to get attached to a home and want to make it look it’s best but be sure not to overspend on renovations or refuse to do repairs or replacements just because you love that ugly tile from your younger years. You need to look into this from the buyer’s perspective.

Bring Out Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Buyers should feel welcome the moment they see your home. You’d need to create a great first impression by painting the front doors, adding some bushes or potted plants, and making sure that the mailbox looks A-okay. These inexpensive upgrades can make your place a lot more inviting.

Go for a Neutral Colour Palette

Choosing light and bright neutral colours such as greys, taupes, and tans helps the buyer visualize how it is to add their own personal touches later on, making them feel more at home plus gives the illusion of a bigger space. The estimated ROI for this is at 109%.

Bring on the Light!

Lighting can make or break a room. For rooms that do not get much natural light, you’d want to have at least 2 overhead light sources. Ambient lighting can do wonders on how your space will look and feel. This tip produces an astounding 303% ROI.

Don’t Forget the Flooring

Flooring is one of the biggest factors that can increase the value of a home. If buyers see dingy carpeting or worn-out wood, they’ll be more likely to ask for a discount but if you replace worn carpet and/or flooring before selling, you can actually ask for a higher price and no one will bat an eyelash!

Pay Attention to Details

High traffic areas tend to have lots of nicks and dents that has to be touched up. Scour your home for broken bulbs, loose door handles, and torn screens. On viewing day, a tray of seasonal fruits and some fresh flowers will help you create the impression of a well-loved home.

Clean Everything in Sight!

While this seems to be plain common sense, this is also what most homeowners tend to forget before showing their home to prospective buyers. Get everything looking spotless and pay extra attention to the back of appliances, cupboards, windows, and baseboards.

Highlight a Room’s Best Use

Buyers need to see how much value your home has to offer, and that means dressing it up the way it is supposed to look like. Sure, your dining room may just be an extra room that no one uses except for holidays but be sure to make it look lived-in when a buyer comes over. For condominiums, showing that one space can be utilized for more than one purpose is highly recommended.

Invest in Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Beautiful kitchens and bathrooms often seal a sale. Replace or repair broken cabinetry, chipped tiles, and blotchy paint jobs at the very least. Recaulk when if you can do so to instantly upgrade the look of worn out tiles. If something can’t be replaced, a coat of paint can be a great alternative especially that laminate surfaces and tiles can be painted over these days. This staging tip has a 172% ROI.

Remember, Staged Properties Sell

Staged homes sell a lot faster and higher than unstaged ones. Buyers see staged homes as more inviting and worth more. You may hire professional stagers to do all of these tips for you. The goal is to show buyers the home you fell in love with so they too can make it their home just like you did.
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