Design Tips: 10 Tips to Ace Your Whole House Remodel

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Renovating can be very costly so you better be able to maximize whatever upgrades you’ll be going for. Remodels need not be super stressful nor cost you your entire savings. If you’re planning to add a second story or to do an extensive home renovation, then the following tips will help ensure that you’ll get years of satisfaction from your efforts.

Water is ALWAYS a Special Consideration

Adding a bathroom (or bathrooms) is definitely tempting but if your water supply lines or your water heater can’t cover the water needs of an additional bathroom or two, then it might not be as great of an idea as you initially thought. How to go around this? A second tank or another tank heater might be the answer.
How about plumbing? An additional bathroom may mean having to upgrade to a larger supply line. Note that they can be quite expensive plus take more time than you want to install.

Go for the Proper Gas Meter

No matter whether you are getting more appliances now or waiting to do so a few years down the road, having the right meter size now will save you a lot of money in the future.

Insulate Your Walls

Don’t skimp on the insulation, even for indoor walls. Insulation can help deaden sounds you don’t want to be heard inside the home such as the sound of a flushing toilet.

Consider Planning Ahead

Some upgrades can be quite expensive and you may not have funds for them now. That’s fine and it will be great to add them later; however, you may want to install or plan for their installation as early as possible. An example might be a charging dock for an electric car. You may not want to purchase the car now but installing the electrical work when you do your remodel can shave off thousands of costs in future bills.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel and Wiring

You’ll need to have an expert look into this but upgrading your wirings and electrical panel when you renovate will not only result in significant savings, it can make your home a lot safer too.

Prevent Waterfall Noise

The sound of water running through the walls is far from soothing and relaxing when you do not have an actual decorative waterfall. Upgrading to cast iron waste pipes can make this noise issue fully inaudible.

Spend More on Quiet Exhaust Fans

Loud fans can be so bothersome and can also shake the floor. Quiet exhaust fans are a must if you want them to be unnoticeable. Some even have timers, humidity sensors, and even motion sensors too.

Think Through Any New Addition

Homeowners often go crazy choosing new doors, windows, and sidings when they renovate; however, what looks good may not work on your existing structure and future plans. A consultation with your contractor can help you out.

Plan Way Into the Future

Planning to have kids in the future? Then install permanent baby gates now. Near retirement age? Then install handle bars and plan for easy access today. Upgrades like this also make your home more valuable for resale.

Talk to Your Architect and Contractor

Make sure you are on the same page but don’t always insist on having your way. Keep in mind that your architect and contractor are professionals whose jobs are to create beautiful functional homes for people like you. They know what works and what doesn’t as well as what upgrade is worth the money and what isn’t.
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