Community News: 2.7 Billion Dollar Oakville Hospital to Open in 2015

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The future of healthcare is coming to Oakville in 2015 - in the form of a $2.7 billion hospital that will serve the areas of Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Georgetown. It’s set to open its doors in December of next year over on Dundas street; it’ll feature 320 beds, with an estimated 600+ beds by 2025!
Once completed, the 1.6 million square foot complex is expected to have almost 40,000 pieces of medical equipment, a full-service, community hospital that will be among the largest in the entire province.
With Oakville, Ontario and the country’s population beginning to age while the birth rates begin to rise, there has never been more of a need for a community hospital of this size and scope for the region.

Short of Services, Short of Beds

According to a report conducted last year by care groups, Oakville had a shortage of services and beds, causing a serious trouble for residents of the area seeking medical services. While this new hospital will alleviate much of the headaches of care that we’ve seen in the past, there will still be a few things to be worked out over the next decade - but we’re getting there!
The Ministry of Health came up with the plan in 2000-2001, and only now are we beginning to see the fruits of the plan put into action so many years ago.

A Focus on Oncology, Orthopedics, Dialysis and Systemic Therapy

The new hospital will centralize care for a wide variety of illnesses, diseases and conditions like mental health, oncology, orthopedics and joint procedures - but CEO and President of Halton Healthcare Service noted that patients seeking radiation, neurosurgery, pediatrics and cardiovascular surgery will need to still head to Toronto to handle the majority of their special care needs.

State of the Art Power Supply

One of the most important features of the new hospital complex will be the backup power supply. With six 2.5 kilowatt generators on the roof, this facility will be able to run at peak power for over 72 hours (up to 6 days running on minimal power). If there were ever an event that disrupted the grid or power in general, the hospital would be able to stay functional for up to a week in an emergency situation.

Focus on Family Centered Care

Family centered care has been hard to come by in this region (unless you wanted to go to Toronto every week!), but this new facility will remedy that. 80% of the new rooms will be single-patient rooms, there will be a family zone with sleeper couches and family members will have the option to stay with sick relatives that are in hospital.
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