Luxury Real Estate: $385 Million Luxury Tower Sky Penthouse in Monaco

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Being the so called playground of billionaires, it is not surprising that some of the world’s most luxurious and expensive real estate are in Monaco. With the addition of the Tour Odeon this year which is set to become the world’s most expensive property per square metre, it seems Monaco is firmly attached to the throne of real estate royalty.

The World’s Most Expensive Luxury Real Estate

We’ve covered many properties which are worth hundreds of millions and the Tour Odeon is not just one of them, it is on a class of its own. Featuring the Tower Sky Penthouse; a 35,500 square feet 5 storey penthouse, Tour Odeon seems to really eclipse some of the lavish properties we’ve featured in our blog.
The appeal of Tour Odeon’s Sky Penthouse is not just its current $385 million price tag but also the amazing architecture and engineering which came into play to give rise to it.

From a Winning Building Team

Sitting on top of the 170 metres high Odeon Tower (which makes it Europe’s second tallest building) the Tower Sky Penthouse is comprised of the 5 topmost floors of the 50-storey luxury residential building.  The brainchild of the renowned architect Alexandre Girald and the interior design agency Alberto Pinto, the Odeon Tower was constructed by Vinci Construction under the developer Groupe Marzocco. The Tower is situated just above the Ligurian Sea where it’s eye-catching design of sharp angles and sleek glass makes it a sight to behold, particularly if you are viewing the building from the water. Just imagine how much more breathtaking the view is from the circular infinity pool at the penthouse; that’s surely bound to be mesmerizing!

The Tower Sky Penthouse

360-degree views over land and sea and a curving outdoor rooftop tops the 5-storey 6 bedroom penthouse. If having a stunning circular infinity pool is not enough to wow you, you will surely get swayed by the large waterslide which connects the pool to the balcony. It’s like living on a yacht on top of a sea of designer glass.

Tour Odeon’s Luxury Features

According to the property’s website, aside from the luxury Tower Sky Penthouse, Tour Odeon will also offer other residential spaces such as 2 duplexes and 70 exceptional apartments which are all equipped with luxury service. The Odeon Tower also has 543 parking spaces in its 10 subterranean levels and everything else that a pampered lifestyle needs such as a business center, a wellness facility with a fitness center, a swimming pool and a spa plus retail shops. A 24/7 concierge, an in-house caterer and private chauffer will likewise be available for all residents of the tower. It is the developer’s way of saying that even if you won’t be residing at the Sky Penthouse, every inch of the building would make sure that your cravings for a life of decadence are all covered. Thanks to a well-organized living space which gives you access to dry cleaning, housekeeping and valet services at the touch of your fingers from each unit’s touchscreen control panel.
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