Design Tips: 5 Luxurious Touches that Spark New Life in Your Kitchen

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Are your planning a kitchen renovation soon? Why not try to see if your kitchen can benefit from minor touch-ups before spending your hard-earned cash on expensive upgrades? A few changes here and there can give your kitchen a makeover without having to spend a fortune. Use our kitchen upgrade tips below to spark new life in your luxury kitchen!

Install Artwork in Your Kitchen

Who says that you can’t have artwork in the kitchen? Kitchen these days are more than places for preparing and storing food, they also serve as entertainment and gathering spaces for friends and family. You don’t have to hang your Renoir in your kitchen but large artwork depicting nature or food are generally great options. If you can’t bring yourself to hang paintings, you can try beautiful sculptural pieces or install a breathtaking light fixture.

Bring in Greens

You don’t need to have a tropical theme or resort theme décor to add touches of greenery in your kitchen. A few potted plants sprinkled in your kitchen can give it a lively and vibrant look without breaking the bank. The key to using greens in your kitchen as luxury décor are placement, type of plants to use, and choice of pots. You want classic pots, easy-to-maintain indoor plants that do great with humidity, and the right nooks and corners where your greens can stand out. If you’re not into ornamental plants, you can try an herb station either near the windowsill or on the kitchen island. If you’re someone who is extremely busy or have pets at home, fake plants can work too. For someone who has a small kitchen, hanging plants can work as a decorative piece to draw the eyes upward and make the room seem airier than it is.

Make a Statement with Your Backsplash

Gone are the days of using plain backsplash for your kitchen. These days, you can get away with stunning backsplash made from metal, mirror, or any other material installed not just for function but also as a decorative piece. If you don’t want to be so bold with your backsplash, you can use the same tip for your kitchen island.

Showcase Your Favourites

Are you an avid cheese lover, have a passionate affair with coffee, or a dedicated weekend baker? Why not have special nooks for things like this in your kitchen? If you cannot live without your cup of joe or have a collection of cheeses or beautiful copper pots, dedicating a space for them where you can easily access and see them can work as a subtle luxury touch for your kitchen.

Create Elegant Displays

Elegant displays bring a sense of refinement to a room. To make sure that they will stand out in your kitchen, make sure that your bench tops are free from clutter and that you don’t have too many small items that are out in the open. You may use extra items from other rooms of the house, group them in odd numbers, and create small groupings that look aesthetically pleasing according to your tastes.
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