Design Tips: 5 Mid-Century Design Inspirations That Are Perfect for Modern Living

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There’s something special about mid-century design ideas that make them very appealing to the modern eye. The simple and economical approach just speaks to modern sensibilities and luckily for you, no one’s going to bat an eye should you wish to incorporate decades old design elements to your current home.
Below are 5 middle of the century design inspirations that will fit great with modern living.

Choose a-Frills Layout for a Minimalist Appeal

Midcentury houses were often designed as L-shapes or rectangular houses to conserve material as well as create an open layout. This design makes for a home that’s easier to navigate and perfect for a budding family, newlyweds, empty-nesters, and those who favour a more minimalist look.

Go for Practicality with Dramatic Sloped Roofs

Sloped roofs are perfect for letting snow slide off in winter and keeping the house cool in summer. It provides a dramatic silhouette that would appeal to those who love geometric designs.
A good sloped roof has enough slant to keep the house watertight and be able to drain water away. It can also be aligned in such a way that it complements the surrounding landscape. Don’t think that this type of roof is just for bungalows, though. They can be great for multiple story houses too.  

Be Creative With Simple Materials

Designers for midcentury homes made use of then new construction materials to build homes and they did so with exemplary display of creativity. We have some of our most favoured building materials today because of the pioneers who fearlessly used aluminium for windows and tried aluminium siding and cement board siding in place of wood. Can you imagine building homes without these materials today?
What we can take from this is that there is no reason not to use what is available and to try to use new building materials for innovation.

Think that Plain Isn’t Bare

A lot of people like engravings and etched design on their staircases because they love designs with a lot of details, but a plain staircase is actually better for keeping things interesting because you can accessorize and style it in so many ways.  
Plain is certainly not bare! It is just the perfect canvass for you to explore your creative side. They’re timeless too!

Make Architecture Serve as Natural as Climate Control

There is so much we can learn from midcentury designers, including how they were able to keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter back when centralized cooling and heating wasn’t a thing yet.
Proper positioning of windows can ensure that a room gets a lot of light and warmth even when its cold outside. The home’s layout can be made in such a way that helps disperse (or conserve) heat too.
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