Real Estate Advice: 5 Must Know Facts About Property Lines

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Being friends with your neighbours is good. It means having people you can count on you being able to borrow a lawnmower from, enjoy the benefits of your kids growing up with the kids next door, and it just makes for a better sense of community. However, some neighbours can be too chummy to the point of being uncomfortably friendly. Worse is when they seem to think that your yard is literally their yard! A line has to be drawn in such instances; hence,  why you must know what property lines are and who makes them.
Most people just think that property lines are marked by a fence, landscaping, hedge, or some sort of physical barrier but it can be more than that (or less). The technicality of the details can be of legal importance when you want to renovate or sell, or if you simply want to know and mark what is yours. Don’t want to make infringing mistakes in someone else’s property? Then keep reading!

Definition of Property Line

What a property line is, is the invisible line that separates two properties apart, marking the end of one property and marking the beginning of the property next to it. A survey plan prepared by a licensed land surveyor is a must to determine the correct property line.

Enforcing Property Lines

Although it is the owner’s responsibility to protect one’s property lines, the government will provide services  to help to do that. Some areas have specific zoning laws for building a fence or structure. There are also fence viewers who are meant to assess how fences are built and how close they can be built to the property line. Having fence viewers assess your new fences will prevent  property disputes with neighbours.

Managing Invasive Neighbours

It is nearly inevitable to have some neighbours who will encroach on your property by building something over it. A completed survey plan is the best tool that you can use to properly call out a case of property encroachment. It is also a requirement if you’re going to seek professional help for a solution on how to deal with property encroachment.

Selling with A Boundary Issue

Although it is possible to sell a property with a boundary issue, settling it will still be your responsibility even after making a sale. It could also delay your moving schedule and result to expensive paperwork later. It is best to address a property issue before even thinking of listing or selling your home.

Neighbour Not Caring About Property Lines

It is tempting to simply just have a mutual agreement when it comes to property lines if you’re friends with the neighbours and if they are decent folks. The issue is that doing so could lead to problems later on when one neighbour has to sell or if the neighbourly relations have changed. To avoid future issues with possible property encroachment, it is best to just hire a licensed surveyor so that both you and the neighbours would know exactly where your property lines should be.
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