Design Tips: 6 Ways to Open Up a Windowless Bathroom

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Having a window in the bathroom is usually one of the very last details one thinks of when planning a home. If you’re stuck with a truly beautiful home that you love and just happen to have a windowless bathroom, then you’d like this compilation of 6 tips to open up your bathroom space. Use one or use all, the tips below were chosen because they all work beautifully together!

Go for White

You’d be surprised at how effective white is at reflecting light and making a room look brighter and more spacious. You don’t have to paint your walls white if you don’t want to because you can incorporate the colour via your accessories and décor. White blinds or white airy curtains plus some white vases can truly make a room feel lighter and more open.

Add More Mirrors

Having multiple mirrors helps expand your existing space as well as bounce light off giving the illusion of a window particularly when paired with a light source. You can also opt to place mirrors near the floor to simulate an even larger room. Ready to go really bold? Then install a full wall of mirror in your bathroom. It is a great addition more so for bathrooms that are connected to a walk-in closet!

Embrace Lucite and Glass

Using lucite and glass has been an underrated design practice for so long but don’t discard the idea just yet! Lucite and mirrors are great materials for creating an interesting detail without making a room feel cluttered. They do add an air of drama and sophistication to an otherwise plain palette.

Try Layering Your Lighting

Light coming straight down on your head isn’t very flattering, and that’s why we love windows! If you don’t have windows, you can simulate the light coming from it by adding some wall mounted lighting. When paired with a mirror, this trick is sure to make your bathroom (and you!) glow!

Opt for a Leggy Vanity

Although a leggy vanity will offer you less room for storage, the longer sight lines that it will provide will make your bathroom feel less cramped, more so if you have a compact bathroom. As for storage, you can tuck away bathroom items in a closet and perhaps add a rack over the vanity for some towels and something to hold a basket for some small things. Oh, and don’t forget that you can certainly use glass or white accessories on your vanity too!

Simply Fake It

You don’t need to have a window to add blinds or curtains in your bathroom. You can simply ‘fake it’. What we mean is that bathroom windows, shades, and blinds are often closed anyway so installing some blinds or shades unto a blank wall will not seem that off, more so if you add some light behind the ‘fake’ window to create a soft and diffused glow.
Now that you’ve seen some of our compiled tips on how to make windowless bathrooms work for you, you may be in the mood to take a look at some home eye-candy! Browse the beautiful available Oakville homes at our listings and see which one catches your fancy. Simply contact us to schedule a viewing!

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