Design Tips: 7 Budget-Friendly Tricks to Boost Your Home’s Appeal for around $300

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Whether you’re planning to sell, lease, or simply update your home for it to look nicer, these 7 budget-friendly tricks will surely boost your home’s appeal – for just around $300!
Every home needs a bit of touch-up every now and then, and who wouldn’t welcome an instant home upgrade for only $300? Read on below to find out more how you can achieve an amazing home semi-makeover for cheap!

Do It With a Rug!

Carpeting a whole room is such a labour intensive and pricey change, but you can achieve almost the same result by using a rug. It’s an instant update which can give your home (or room) a new lease on life, more so if it is in an interesting design to match up the area it is used in.

Install a Glass-Paneled Door

Oftentimes, hallways and small rooms do not have access to much natural light. They can also look and feel cramped and that’s not a very nice sight at all! It’s a good thing that you can easily fix that by replacing a solid door with a glass-paneled one to create a sense of more space and to bring in light.

Hide the Bin Cleverly

We don’t mean to just shove your trash bin under the table, but rather install a clever system which ‘hides’ the trash bin inside a cabinet or drawer. Trash isn’t something you’d want to be out on display, so why let your trash bin be out in the open?

Make Use of LED Lighting

LED lighting does not only save you money on your energy bill, it also saves you from having to look at cords all over the place and tripping on them (if you’re using lamps for mood lighting). LED strips lends an interesting effect when lit, adding a sense of luxury to any room. Not a fan of LED strips? Then just replace common bulbs with LED ones, your pocket will thank you in the future!

Go For a Shower Screen

Shower curtains are a pain to clean as well as makes a small bathroom seem a lot smaller. A shower screen takes care of all that plus instantly gives a bathroom a classier, more luxurious feel. Don’t forget to use reinforced glass screens though, the glass used is often heavy, plus is also leaned on sometimes for extra support.

Dress Your Windows with Care

A sloppy curtain or a poorly hung blind can ‘age’ a house in a bad way. Simply replacing ones like these with properly measured and installed ones can give your home an instant makeover, all done on a budget!

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Renovating a kitchen is obviously a costly affair, but you can do a whole lot for only $300! A fresh coat of paint, newly cleaned (or resurfaced) grout, or replacing drawer handles can give your kitchen a huge change in both looks and function. This is a great weekend project too!
Would love to do some of these tricks but is still looking for your dream home? Then see what we have to offer in Oakville! Contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect Oakville home for you!

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