Lifestyle: 7 New Year Resolutions for Your Home to Help Change Your Life

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The new year gives you new opportunities for growth, be it in your career, personal life, or even your home! A home where you feel at home in can have a huge impact on your emotional and psychological wellbeing, aside from the obvious benefits to your daily life. We’re sharing with you some powerful New Year Home Resolutions that can really improve your life. Get started soon by reading below!

Know What Makes Your Heart Happy

Oftentimes, people are not happy with their homes because they’ve filled it with things that are stylish and are much sought-after even without liking those things personally. Identify what you like and decorate your home accordingly. Who cares if a certain cabinet style is considered ‘dated’ and ‘ugly’ if looking at it reminds you of your childhood home and makes you happy? Go for it!

Stay Away from What You Don't Like or Change Them

No matter how beautiful or expensive something is, it won’t do you any good if just looking at it makes you want to hurl it across the room. If a certain piece of décor or furniture invokes a negative emotional response, get rid of it or donate it. Make room for what you truly love.

Truly Savour What You Have

It is human nature to want more and try to have better things in life but when was the last time you looked around your home and truly appreciated what you have? You might want new books and have a few books you’ve purchased but haven’t read yet. You might want to have a larger home but haven’t even set foot in some rooms in your house for the past week. Write down what you are grateful for whenever you feel that you want more. It will help you appreciate the abundant blessings you have in your life and keep you inspired.

Make Your Current Home Your Best Home Yet

No matter whether you’re renting or currently living in your starter home, there is no reason not to use temporary home improvement tricks to make your home your own. Use stick-on hooks, curtains, and removable wallpaper to spruce up your home the way you like.

Appreciate Hidden Blessings

Not everything we want comes in the form we readily recognize. Sometimes what seems like an impediment may actually be a blessing. Can’t find the perfect dining set for entertaining? Why not mix and match what you already have for an eclectic mix instead?

Reward Yourself and Don’t Feel Guilty About It

Don’t hesitate to get new things for your home as a form of reward to yourself. Buy yourself fresh flowers when you feel like celebrating, invest in some artwork that you’ve had your eye on for some time as a way of gifting yourself when you reach certain goals. The way you love your home is a reflection of how you love yourself.

Don’t Buy Things You Don’t Need

If you don’t need something, it will only take up unnecessary space in your home. Make sure to ask yourself whether you truly want to ‘live” with something before purchasing and taking it home. This will save you from future troubles.Have any other New Year resolutions for your home or are you thinking of moving to a new home next year? If you’re selling your Oakville home or wanting to move to Oakvillecontact us and see what our real estate agents can do for you.

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