Design Tips: 7 Ways to Use Colours for a Soothing Home

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It’s that time of the year when everyone’s feeling a bit more tired and stressed so we figured to compile a list of how you can use colours to give your home a more home-y vibe. After all, our homes are not just places that we have for shelter, they are also our sanctuaries that nourish us, protect us, and make us feel better again when needed. We’ll be focusing on the bathroom and bedroom for this blog, as they literally are the first and last rooms we see as we go through our days. Excited to see how colour can create a calming atmosphere? Then keep on reading!

Soft and Soothing Bedroom

Consider incorporating a light sea-glass sort of green, an ethereal blue, and a warm gray in your bedroom. All these colours would work well as a main wall colour or perhaps as an accent wall colour when mixed in with neutrals such as beige and white. Of course white linens are a must but you can get away with accent pillows in the mentioned colours too!

Go with Your Tiles

If you’re having a stressful time picking out colours for your bathroom, then simply pick out a shade from your tiles and pair it with lots of white. Your bathroom will look crisp, clean, and inviting.

Create Light and Airiness with Colour

If you have a small bathroom with only a tiny window, then you might be feeling that the space is too confined. You can remedy this by using a few shades from the same color to create the illusion of added space and height. Use the darkest shade sparingly and focus it at below waist level. The lightest shade should be the dominant one. Even better if you’ll paint your ceiling with it.

Go Bold but Keep it Cool

You can certainly use bolder colours to create soothing spaces, the trick is all about sticking to the cooler shades of the colour wheel. Stay away from reds, oranges, and yellows and instead, go for blues, purples, and greens. Cool colours, together with shades of gray (not the 50 shades variety!) are associated with rest and relaxation and has been scientifically proven to help lower blood pressure.

Make it Hot and Splash it with Cold

If you must have warm colours in your bathroom or bedroom, then confine it to a huge furniture or just one wall. Paint the rest in soothing hues and balance the space out with wood accents. It’s the perfect balance of Yin and Yang!

Define and Highlight

The right use of colour can highlight interesting details of a room’s architecture. It can make a small space seem large more so when contrasted with white. When faced with a small awkwardly-shaped space, define interesting angles with the use of bright cool hues and gray to shift focus to shape rather than (lack of) space. It will make your room much more soothing and larger.

Take it to the Browns

Although browns and tans are technically warm hues, they also embody a woodsy sort of feel – which many would attest as having zen-like qualities. For a spa-like feel, pair deep browns with lots of white and soft beige and splash with some green.
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