Design Tips: 8 DIY Decorating Tips with Fall Leaves

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In the mood for some burst of fall colours to add life to your seasonal decorating? Then pick one or a few of the DIY decorating tips below that uses beautiful fall leaves!

DIY Fall-Themed Hurricane Glass

High-end decorating stores and catalogues always feature those big hurricane glass for your candles, but they often cost an arm and a leg. You can DIY the same by sing a plain white candle, a clear glass vase, and crystal or wooded candlestick. Simply glue the clear glass vase to the candlestick, put your candle inside, and fill with colourful leaves from your yard. No one will know you DIYed this fall-decorating classic!

Create a Rustic Garland

You can certainly go beyond using leaves for your fall decorating escapades. Why not use log disks, acorns, twine, and some other found object to create a rustic fall garland? This will be perfect for an outdoor room!

Bring the Outdoors In

Have a beautiful tree with some striking hued leaves? Cut a few branches and arrange them in a vase for an instant fall centrepiece. You can also go big and place your arrangement over a mantle. The leaves will stay bold throughout the next month or so!

Simple Leaves Centrepiece

An autumn-themed plate can be just as elegant as an expensive arrangement when you use colourful fall leaves and candles to create your centerpiece. To be on the safe side, electric candles can also be used. No clean-up after the season too!

Mason Jar Candle Holder

Got a few mason jars and a bit of modge podge? You can transform basic mason jars into tinted lanterns by using modge podge to attach fall leaves on the sides of the jar. The full effect is breathtaking when a candle is lit inside.

Framed Fall Leaves

This may be the easiest DIY in this bunch. All you’ll have to do is select some pretty fall leaves and frame them! That’s it! This will work better if you have a lot of mismatched frames or a few plain ones that look like they are a part of a collection. This works fantastic with fake fall leaves too!

Your Kid’s Leaves Artwork!

Why not decorate your kitchen or your kid’s room with his or her own artwork? Technically, this won’t be made from fall leaves but will only be inspired by it. Ask your child to draw some leaves, colour them, attach to a string and you have a garland! You can also frame the leaves if desired. More so, this DIY activity would be a great way to teach a young child about the beauty of fall.

Front Door Fall Wreath

Whether you use fake leaves or real ones for this seasonal wreath, the key is in using a variety of colours plus adding interesting details such as berries and acorns. A few slivers of ribbons, a hot glue gun to attach everything in place, and a few hours of your time are all you need to make your front door fall-ready!
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