Design Tips: 8 Doable Ways To Give Your Home a Luxury Hotel Feel

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Luxury real estate have one thing in common with other grand estates; and that is all about making you feel like you’re having a staycation at a luxury hotel while staying at home. The good thing is that it isn’t all that difficult to achieve a luxury hotel feel in your home if you take notes from our tips below.

Go for an Impressive Entry Way

The foyer have to have a character of its own. Add a huge ornate mirror, an artwork, good lighting, and a lush rug. A small entryway can look grand by accessorizing it with a dramatic sunburst mirror. Remember, your entryway is the first and last thing people will see going in and leaving your home.

Have a Space for Everything

Luxury hotels take care to have a designer organize the interiors for them, making sure that everything has a place of its own. You can achieve this by getting rid of clutter or finding ways to hide them in chic furnishings such as storage ottomans or wicker baskets that can double as a decorative piece.

Invest in a Lavish Bedroom

A well-designed bedroom fitted with matching furniture, real linen, good cotton, down pillows, and a plush bed is a must. Cozy chairs, two side tables with lamps, an armoire, and perhaps a pretty vanity seals the look and feel of a luxury hotel room.

Indulge in Climate Control Upgrade

Luxury hotel rooms are extra comfy because the temperature inside can always be set to exactly how the guest prefers. Have the same for your home by installing a programmable thermostat.

Design Your Bathroom Like a Spa

A huge bathroom with a walk-in shower separate from the tub would be a great starting point. If that isn’t possible, then be sure to not miss out on matching towels, a fluffy white bathrobe, and some candles and greenery.

Customize Your Curtains

Curtains and coverings are always made to fit exactly where they are placed in luxury hotels. Find a seamstress that can create curtains and covers to your specifications. This investment is well worth it for your luxury real estate.

Keep Things Clean and Minimalist

Luxury shines in a minimalist setting. There is just something about a clean seamless design approach that exudes elegance, refinement, and sophistication. You can achieve this by getting organized like previously mentioned and sticking to a colour scheme to avoid visual clutter.

Lighting is Key

A common denominator in luxury hotels is that the interiors are very well lit from all sorts of lighting fixtures that also serve as décor. Almost no space is left with shadows with the use of different layers of light.Want a home that you only need minor tweaks for living in it to feel as gorgeous and decadent as staying in a luxury hotel? Take your pick from our listings of Oakville luxury homes! Don’t forget to contact us to schedule a viewing of our luxury real estate right away!

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