Real Estate Advice: 8 Expert Tips on How to Make Your House Look The Best in Photos

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Staging your home can take a lot of preparation to make sure that the photos you get will maximize your shot at making a successful sale. Getting the right photos is a crucial part of the home-selling process, as your home’s photos online are often what potential buyers get to see first. You’ll want your home to look it’s best and impress buyers but at the same time, you also want it to look loved. Below are some of our expert tips to make sure that you’ll get the best photos of your home especially when preparing for a sale.

Add Life with House Plants

House plants give a home vibrancy and a fresh, inviting feel. If you’ve already got them, be sure to wipe large leaves with a soft cloth and trim away browned or dead leaves before taking photos.

Use Natural Light

Natural light has a charm of its own and can showcase your windows too. Be sure to open curtains and shades and clean your windows on the day of your home’s photo shoot. Lastly, switch on all your lights. You’d want the photos to capture how your home looks, after all.

Make Your Floors And Surfaces Shine

Floors have a huge impact on the beauty of every home, more so if they’re wooden floors that could be a major selling point. Thoroughly clean your floors and surfaces. Not only will this make them look nice, you’ll feel good too.

Say No to Clutter

Clear up your counter and floor space off of clutter for a minimalist and airy feel. Potential buyers won’t be able to appreciate how much space you have if its covered in clutter.

Fix Things Up

No amount of photo editing can hide peeling paint when the time comes for a potential buyer to see your home in person, so better fix small things like that before you schedule a photo shoot.

Highlight Potential

It is one thing to remove clutter and another thing to highlight the potential of a space. After clearing your counters, consider adding back a few decorative pieces. You want the house to look lived-in but clean and inviting. You can achieve this in the bathroom by taking everything out and staging the room by adding back a shower curtain, rolled white towels, a candle or two, and a vase of fresh blooms.

Remove Personal Items

While potential buyers wants to see a home that looks inviting, they don’t want to see your photos, your mail, your collection of fridge magnets, and your pets. Keep personal and private things out of photos.

Consider Professional Help

You may be good at taking photos, but a professional photographer will have the tools and knowledge needed to really take great photos. If you’re lucky your photographer may even have additional lighting available to improve the quality of each shot.
Making your house look amazing in photos is part of the staging process when selling your home. The right photos and proper staging can drive the price of your home up and improve your chances of selling it. If you need help with more staging tips, our seasoned agents are ready to help you sell your Oakville home. Contact us today!

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