Design Tips: 8 Interior Design Styles to Try in 2020

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2020 is here! If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your home or decorate a new space, you may want to try the interior designer approved styles below.

Keep it Classic with Neutrals

You can’t go wrong with neutrals and it seems like it is making a huge comeback for 2020. There is just something classic and elegant about monochromatic and earthy colours that can be both warm and cool-toned. If you are not the adventurous type, choosing a neutral palette is the best way to go.

Go for Black and White

There are so many ways to style black and white without making it look like clash of colours. Do black pillows on a white leather chair or try white textured pillows on a velvety black chair. If you factor in textures and patterns, black and white colour combination will never go out of style.

Try Feminine Tones

If you think black and white is too boring, then try softer feminine hues such as a blend of pinks mixed with metals for contrast. Pinks go well with wooden accents too.

Play with Bold Patterns

Soft and feminine may not be for everyone, but some will surely appreciate standout patterns that add life to any room. You can use bold patterns for backsplashes and feature walls or maybe add a splash of colour to a neutral living room with patterned pillows. If you have a thing for geometric patterns, now is the time to indulge in it!

Modernized Floral Wallpaper

Gone are the days when having floral wallpaper meant being stuck with wallpaper that looks like it could be decades old. These days, there are exquisite and modernized wallpaper designs that use florals but in a visibly modern way. There are even monochromatic ones for those who do not want their walls to get too much attention.

More Black

Black is making a comeback. There are so many ways to use black without making a room look smaller, especially when cleverly mixed with sone of the other interior design trends in this write-up. A black wall can be strikingly beautiful with the right finish and lighting. You can also layer black over black and choose different textures to achieve your desired effect.

Mix Your Metals

Believe it or not, mixing metals in small doses can produce stunning results. You can try this for your kitchen backsplash, your hardware, or your light fixtures. The key is to balance things out so none will look of place. Metals over neutrals or black and white is a good idea, especially if angling for a minimalist and timeless look.

Canopy Bed Revival

If you love canopy beds but concerned about them looking too dated, this is the year to give in to your canopy bed dreams! To avoid a dated look, look for canopy beds with lighter frames and lighter hue. Layer fabrics near the head of the bed and keep it lighter over the foot of the bed. If you want fairy lights, go for it!
Swooning over the interior design trends that are bound to be popular this year? You’ll be even more inspired when its your turn to style your dream home. If you’re looking for a luxury home in Oakville, new year is one of the best time to start! Contact us to make your ‘moving to Oakville’ dream a reality!

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