Luxury Real Estate: 8 Luxury Home Technology Must-Haves for the Modern Home

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A luxury home should not only be beautiful but should also be functional and well fitted for the modern lifestyle. You would not want your luxury home to feel like a mausoleum wouldn’t you? Here are the top picks for 8 luxury home technology must-haves to modernize any prime piece of real estate:

Private IMAX Theatre

There are private theatres, and there is The Private IMAX Theatre. For only $2.25 million, you can have your very own IMAX Theater at home. The downside is that even for that price, IMAX is only accepting a limited number of projects for building private theatres, so you have to act fast to avail of this luxury technology.

Outdoor TV

The C-Seed 201” Outdoor TV by Porsche is a wonder of the modern age. Home barbeques and backyard parties will take on a new meaning when you can get wowed by the world’s largest outdoor residential TV unfolding from a column that arises from the ground. Whether you install this on your poolside or on your yacht, your friends will be amazed, and we don’t mean just by the $750,000 price tag.

Speakers in the League of a Steinway Piano

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model D Speaker system only got Steinway and Sons’ approval as a product to put their name on when it passed their criteria – that the sound it plays should match the sound coming from a real Steinway piano. You will surely love listening to both classical and modern music with this $175,000 speaker system fit for a concierto.

Digital Backsplash for Your Kitchen

There are so many possibilities regarding what you can do with a digital backsplash. Perhaps you want it to be the monitor for your laptop, watch TV shows on it, or maybe just use it to showcase a slideshow of precious family photos. You can certainly do that and more with the Mosaiqq digital backsplash which goes for a minimum of $20,000.

Seura Mirror TV

Want to have a TV monitor that disappears as a mirror when turned off? Now you can pass off the TV at your bedroom or master bath as an elegant wall mirror starting at $3,500.

Luxury Charging Dock

Your luxury home deserves stylish details, and that includes how you charge your iPad. The Strut Launchport, which retails for $1,500 is a sophisticated way of charging your beloved apple device. You can choose amongst the luxurious finishes like sparkle pink, walnut burl, and carbon fibre to match your décor and interiors.

Motorized Blackout Shades for the Master Bedroom

Lutron’s motorized blackout shades, which starts at $1,500 per window, will give you a more relaxing time in your bedroom by having completely motorized shades and draperies. With all the late night functions, meetings and parties, you do need to treat yourself to a very private and relaxing master suite.

Home Automation System

In the age of tablets and smartphones, it only makes sense that you should be able to control and adjust your home’s shading, security, lighting, TV, music, pool and climate right from your favorite device. A home automation system makes all of that possible with just a tap on a picture on your tablet or smartphone, you’d feel truly pampered!
Now that you know the best of luxury home technology must-haves, it is time to set your sights on obtaining that beautiful luxury home of your dreams to place them in. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you find a beautiful luxury home in Oakville.

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