Design Tips: 8 Tips for Giving Your Kitchen Cabinets and Island a Designer Look

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Having custom-designed kitchen cabinets is one of the hottest home-design trends these days. But have you wondered what gives custom-designed interiors that high-end and polished look? It’s all in the details! See our 10 tips below on how you can have that luxurious designer-look in your kitchen just in time for your next remodel or home purchase!

A Splash of Colour

Although blacks, neutrals, warm wood, and metallics are still kitchen staples when it comes to design, a stroke of a bold colour like red or perhaps a dash of blue can make your kitchen look more contemporary and edgy. Don’t overdo it though; remember, all you need is a splash.

Glass Cabinet Doors

If you’re thinking that having glass cabinet doors can make your kitchen look dated, think again. Glass cabinet doors partnered with beautiful hardware and perhaps some in-cabinet lighting makes your kitchen feel warm, inviting, and open.

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is an interior designer’s secret weapon for making everything seem like one solid piece and therefore more luxurious. Not only does it provide a beautiful architectural detail, it make transitioning from one space to another seem seamless – a great addition for open floor-plan kitchens!

Matching Cabinet Ends

Having matching panels for the ends of your cabinets gives your cabinets that built-in furniture look. If you have a traditional kitchen, this is something you’d definitely want to do and can be done as a weekend upgrade.

Creative Storage

Adding creative touches such as a custom wine rack or tray dividers does not only help you organise your kitchen goods and wares, it makes for a beautiful architectural detail as well. Custom built-ins like these are tell-tale signs of a luxury designer kitchen, but hey, you can do it by yourself too!

Mixed Door Styles

Contrary to popular belief, having a mix up of various cabinet door styles will not make your kitchen look or feel cheap. The secret is keeping the mix down to just 2 or 3 styles which look good together.


Whether you go for plain, oversized, or ornate corbels, it’s bound to impart your kitchen islands and cabinet some timeless elegance. More so, installing some to your existing cabinetry should be a breeze!

Unique Glazes and Stains

Custom-glaze and stains makes for beautiful cabinetry that brings a lot of character to any kitchen space. Add in a touch of antique finish here and there and you’ve got a ‘designer’ kitchen you can show-off!
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