Design Tips: 8 Tips to Achieve Subtle Luxurious Elegance for Your Home

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Making your home look grand can be easy to achieve, but the classier look of subtle luxury is something that needs extra work. If you’re looking for non-over the top ways of making your luxury home feel and look extra elegant, keep on reading!

Use Warm but Comfy Colours

Luxury spaces often make use of dark hues injected with some warmth to create rich colours that look and feel decadent. A very dark chocolate brown, a greige, or use of deep jewel tones for paint colours will help you bring this luxury home decorating tip to life.

Create Rich Details and Texture with Moulding and Trim

The clever use of moulding and trim can instantly upgrade a space to looking like it cost a lot more than it actually did. You just have to be sure that you use proper thickness and width to ensure visibility while avoiding the possibility for the moulding and trim to look like an eye sore.

Go for Cushioned Seating

In fact, the plushier the upholstery and fabric you use, the better! Don’t forget to carry this over to the pillows too by making sure that you buy bigger inserts for the pillow covers!

Charm with Antiques

Incorporating antiques into your décor brings in an air of old-money luxury, as though the antiques were heirloom pieces passed from a long line of successors. One way to do this in a subtle way is to use an antique mirror or a new one with old-world details. The visual interest it will create will be a good contrast to the rich textures in your fabrics and the metallic details in your other decorations.

Do Not Skimp on Finishing Touches

Your window treatments, the type of flowers you use, the hardware on your cabinets, even your candles are all key players when decorating for a luxurious feel. Choose big candles, dark metallic hardware, orchids, and floor to ceiling window treatments to really exude luxury.

Pay Attention To Your Floors

If you can’t go for wall to wall carpeting, then hardwood with a few textured rugs thrown in should do the trick. The key is to treat the floor like another piece of furniture. It should  mesh well with everything else while being able to be a statement on it’s own.

Always Have a Focal Point

The last thing you want is for things to look like they don’t belong together so make sure that you have a focal point for each room and build around that. An interesting architectural detail such as a fireplace would be a good focal point, so is a piece of art or a particularly large furniture.

Keep Things Clean and Crisp

Truly luxurious homes have a clean and almost minimalist approach to keeping things neat and organized. A kept home means you have staff and/or time to keep things the way you want them to be.
All of the above are important elements to creating an ambiance of elegance and luxury in a home. Remember that real luxury is a culture in itself. You have to live it and breathe it in to make it wash over your home.
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