Design Tips: 8 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger

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A huge bathroom is a luxury that almost everyone wants to have, unfortunately, not everyone can have a big house with big bathrooms to enjoy. If you’re living in a condominium or have an amazing home that has small bathrooms, you’ll love the design tips shared below.

Go for A Floating Vanity

Counter space is like prime real estate in a small bathroom. Make your bathroom feel and look bigger by freeing up counter space with the use of a floating vanity. Not only will you reduce visual clutter by doing away with the bulky look of a traditional vanity, this will help you keep a minimalist bathroom too.

Try A Minimalist Approach

Less is more when designing an airy and open space. The key to making any room feel and look bigger is to have a lot of negative space which you can achieve by simply not stockpiling on things you don’t need in your bathroom.

Plan Niches Into the Wall

A smart way to get away with having a place for your things despite not having a lot of cabinetry and having only a floating vanity is to build in niches into the walls where your bath products can have a place of their own. This will also create visual depth and will the bathroom look bigger.

Install Glass Panels

Instead of a wall for dividing up bathroom space, install glass panels to create a shower area without blocking visual pathways. Privacy can be achieved by choosing frosted glass panels or those that have an opaque central part whilst the top and bottom remain clear.

Use Plenty of White

An all-white bathroom will create a feeling of airiness and make the room feel bright and look bigger. If you’re not a huge fan of white, you can achieve the same effect by using the same light-hued colour family. Visual interest can be added by using a play of textures if you decide to choose white on white or pastels.

Get A Big Mirror

The bigger your mirror is, the more you amplify the space you have in your bathroom. This may sound like an expensive installation at first, but when you compare the price of tiles to the price of mirrors, you might end up with a lot of savings.

Go Bright With Your Lighting

Don’t just layer up your lighting, make sure that your bathroom is lighted well by installing bright lights especially if the bathroom doesn’t have a lot of natural light coming in. Even going up just a bit on the luminescence of the light bulb that you use can make a huge difference.

Keep Things Simple

Too much visual things going on can look like clutter instead of design. Choose tiles that do not have much pattern and try to use matching fixtures and hardware to create a sense of order. This tip will not just make your bathroom feel and look big, but really elegant as well.
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