Design Tips: 8 Ways to Create Decadent Guest Rooms

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We all want our guests to leave our homes feeling like they’ve been on a great holiday and that is actually easier to achieve than what you may initially thought. It is possible to give your guests luxury hotel-like pampering at the comfort of your own home. See our 8 ways to make this happen below!

Welcome With Fresh Flowers

A simple and clean flower arrangement is the perfect welcoming touch for any guest room. Make sure that you don’t add too much foliage or use flowers with strong scents to avoid triggering allergies.

Comfort with a Provisioned Nightstand

A nightstand with a lamp for reading, a place for jewelry such as earrings, and a glass beside a bottle of water (or wine) tells your guests that you’ve taken care to anticipate their needs.

Consider a Folding Luggage Stand

Or a mini table where your guests can set their luggage on will be very convenient for them. They won’t have to squat or bend forward to sort their things. This will be truly appreciated by those with back or mobility issues too. A wide bench can also be used for this purpose.

Lavish Care with A Lot of Books

Or try magazines on a variety of topics! While you’re at this, consider designing a reading nook by adding cushions, reading lights, and soft blanket to a corner of the room or on a small chaise.

Invite Sleep with Piles of Pillows

Keep a variety of pillows in the guest room for guests to use as they like or according to their preferences. This small touch added to the availability of good blankets and high quality linen will make your guests feel pampered.

Don’t Forget Hooks and Hangers

Provide ways for your guests to hang their clothes, keys, purses, and yes, underwear. They will surely love having a lot of hangers in the closet as well as having sturdy ones for heavy pieces of clothing such as coats.

Set Robes,  Slippers, and Toiletries

Some guests come prepared with their own things in tow but there will always be instances when someone has to stay over out of unforeseen necessity. By making sure that their basic needs for a sleepover are met in your guest room, you can make them feel as though they are at their second home or even a luxury hotel. Set aside comfy robes, plush slippers, and a variety of travel sized toiletries for their use. Don’t forget razors and sanitary pads as well aside from packing soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and toothbrush.

Make Mornings Even Better with a Coffee Bar

Set a small table with a basic coffee maker plus a selection of tea, coffee, sugar, non-sugar sweetener, cream, and non-dairy creamer in individual packaging. Your guests won’t want to wake you up in the middle of the night for a cup of coffee and in case they are early risers, this will make them feel welcome and not have to wait for when you serve breakfast. Be sure to have mugs and spoons ready. A tin of biscuits in individual packaging makes an impromptu snack bar as well.
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