Design Tips: 8 Ways to Use Marble in a Luxury Home

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There’s just something about marble that makes it elegant, timeless, sophisticated, and perfect for finishing luxury homes. With this said, there can never be enough ideas to incorporate marble in any luxury design. If you’d love to use marble in your luxury home but is unsure about how to do it, below are some ideas you might want to try!

Create One-of-A-Kind Home Accessories

You can use marble as material for fruit bowls, sculpture, paperweight, bookends, lamp bases, and more. This is a subtle and affordable way to add touches of marble in your home to give it extra sophistication.

Make Tables Out of Marble

Marble is often just used as a tabletop but it can be used for more! As a strong building material, it can be used to create an entire table from the legs up. You can also try using marble to cover an entire kitchen island to add interest to a white or monochromatic kitchen.

Use Marble as an Accent Piece

You don’t have to use a lot of marble to make a luxury statement. Just a slice will do. Try using marble as a cutting board, a rolling pin, a mortar and pestle, or maybe as a spice rack. When paired with wood, metal, or other stones, a small slice of marble can make a big statement, especially in a luxury kitchen.

Use Marble to Complement Your Lighting

Beautiful lighting can be fully appreciated when used to illuminate a complementary element in the home. Depending on how lighting is positioned, it can showcase the beauty and veining of marble in a dramatic way.

Take it Out of the Kitchen and Into the Office

Marble slabs are often used for baking and making pastry because they can remain cooler for longer. This makes marble a good material for office tabletops, especially if you use a lot of electronics.

Use Marble as Tiles

Using marble as tiles is nothing new but it is often used as large slabs or tiles. Why not try smaller marble tiles in place of regular tiles? Marble cuttings arranged like subway tiles or different sizes of marble tiles fitted together will surely make for an interesting veined design that adds character and won’t go out of style. You can use marble tiles for finishing floors and walls, more so in high traffic areas.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Still one of the most popular ways to use marble, you can’t go wrong with using marble for your floors. Do note that marble is cold so using it for your bathroom and bedroom floors will mean you’ll have to make sure that you have some warm fluffy slippers.  

Use Marble in the Bath

You can use marble for a bathtub, an accent wall, tiling all the walls, or to create a focal point in your bathroom by creating a marble bath surround. You surely won’t regret this!
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