Design Tips: 9 Best Backsplash Ideas for Your Granite Counters

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Granite counters are truly an investment worthy of a cherished home, and who wouldn’t want to show off their beautiful granite countertops, right? In this blog, we’ll tackle how you can showcase your granite countertops by pairing it with 9 options for backsplashes that are designed to complement it.

Design Tips: 9 Best Backsplash Ideas for Your Granite Counters

Best option to show off the patterns in your particular slab of Cashmere White granite, this backsplash will blend beautifully in your kitchen especially if you paint your cabinets a colour that’s found in your granite.

Standard 4-inch Backsplash Using the Same Granite.

If you’re a fan of white kitchen walls or are simply not into backsplashes that extend up the wall, then this compromise would work well for you. Aside from being interior-design friendly, this option is budget-friendly too.

Use Large Rectangular Tiles.

Contrast can be good and using large rectangular tiles as backsplash gives you a durable and affordable kitchen solution to save your walls from the possible damage created by heat and humidity in the kitchen.

Tiles in a Colour That Complements the Granite.

If using granite on your walls is out of your budget, you can create the same look by using tiles. You can even choose a grout color that mimics your granite’s veins for a cohesive looking kitchen design scheme.

Go for Glass Tiles.

Glass tiles that reflects the main colours in your granites makes for an elegant and modern backsplash that works well with stainless steel accents for an airy and minimalist kitchen.

Maybe Tiles With Unique Patterns.

You can use patterned tiles as long as they do not clash with the granite. Go for prints involving dots and swirls and you’ll be fine.

Use Glass Mosaic Tiles.

This option works best with granite that has some large-scale patterns or you run the risk of making things look too busy. Another thing to remember is to ensure that you use subdued colours for the cabinets for a sophisticated and timeless appeal

Try Traditional Subway Tiles.

This gives your kitchen a vintage sort of feel and when done right, can be an interesting architectural detail in your home. For this to work, try to make your cabinets blend with either the granite’s hue or the tiles’ colour.

Go for Tumbled Marble Tile.

Slight variations in tile colour punctuated by dark accents here and there in colours that are also present in your granite gives you a balanced and seamless look. The key is all about colour selection. You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your eyes and your goal is to make everything in the kitchen look like they belong together.
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