Design Tips: 9 Dream Master Bath Ideas

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Master baths are the homeowner’s one guilty pleasure when it comes to building or renovating a home. It is no secret that exquisitely beautiful master baths adds a lot of value to the home and makes one feel like a King (or Queen!). From built-in sauna rooms, indulgent tubs, and eye-candy views, here are our 9 suggestions to make your master bath extra special.

Install Dual Showers

Dual showerheads can make you feel as though you’re bathing in a water fall, more so if your bathroom décor has a tropical vibe. Don’t worry about the water consumption though, shower heads can be adjusted to give you a glorious downpour without wasting water.

Go for a Japanese Soaking Tub

Speaking of saving water, let’s also save some space by going for the smaller Japanese soaking tub. It still lets you to submerge yourself for a warm relaxing soak and is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Bonus part? It imparts a zen-like feel to your bath too!

Add Some Wood

With marine-grade supplies and finishes available these days, there is no excuse not to go for some warm wood for your bath’s decor! Not only does it look good, but when done right, wood finishes can actually bring up your home’s value.

Bring the Bath in the Bedroom

Sounds extra-indulgent? May be so, but if space is at a premium, a glass paneled master bath right in the bedroom can ignite sparks of passion for years to come.

Install a Sauna

Enjoy saunas? Then go ahead and install one in your master bath. Contrary to popular belief, saunas are not hard to maintain, don’t eat up much space, and are actually a joy to have.

Sneak in Extra Storage Everywhere

Lots of extra space are often wasted behind paneling and between walls; so why not convert those spaces into extra storage? Sneak in wall cubbies, pull-out shelves, and recessed niches. They’d be great for keeping your toiletries out of sight.

Forget Colour, Go for Black and White

Go for understated luxury by keeping a minimalist theme with the use of colours! Black and white never goes out of style, easy to keep clean-looking, and can be spruced up by a splash of greens or wood accents.

Try Live-Edged Wood

Speaking of wood, live-edged wood makes for modern interiors with a rustic edge. Try it!

Open Up the View!

This won’t work with everyone, but if you’ve got a sizable property with neighbours that are far enough, open up a whole chunk of wall and convert it into a window. Wall to wall windows makes great use of natural light plus makes your tub feel like a pool.
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