Luxury Real Estate: A Glimpse Inside the World’s First Billion Dollar Home

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Have you ever wondered what’s inside the homes of the ultra-rich? We’ve featured the Antilla, quite a few times and we’re sure some of you want to get a peek of what’s inside such a grand residence. We’re here to indulge you! Hang on and enjoy the sights in this blog entry about what’s inside the world’s first billion dollar home.

A Sampling Antilla’s History

When Nita Ambani liked the spa interiors at the Mandarin Oriental New York, she asked who’s the designer of the beautiful contemporary Asian interior is, probably already planning to have them design her new home. At that time, she, her husband, and 3 children were living at the family home of the Indian multi-billionaire Mukesh Ambani, the home which was shared with his mother and built by his father, the Indian business mogul Dhirubhai Ambani.
With her desire to build a custom family home for her husband Mukesh and 3 children, Nita Ambani then contacted the architecture firms Hirsch Bedner Associates and Perkins + Will, the architects behind some of the Mandarin Oriental hotels – thus, the design for the Antilla was born!

No Ordinary Luxury Home

From the moment the Antilla was conceptualized, it was clear that it is not to be an ordinary luxury home (as if luxury homes are anything but ordinary!). With it’s name being derived from a mythical island in the Atlantic ocean, it was evident that the Ambanis planned their home to have a place in history.
Antilla’s cost of over $1 billion is not because of mindless luxuries. True, some hotels and even bigger buildings cost only a fraction of what was used in the construction of the Antilla; but then, hotels often have the same layout and materials repeated for every floor. The Antilla is designed in such a way that no two floors are the same. Not for vanity though, but to follow the principles and shape of Vaastu, a principle almost like Feng Shui, in which the strategic location of materials, objects, rooms, and how they relate to each other is believed to move energy beneficially all throughout a space. This is why Nita Ambani requested the designers to ensure that the 400,000 square feet of interior space will not only reflect elegance but also give a feeling of consistency or being one without the use of repetition.

What’s Inside the Billion Dollar Home?

Although only 27 stories, some floors of the billion dollar home has very high ceilings, hence, the building’s height is actually equivalent to a 40 storey building.
The main living quarters are the 6 top floors, made so because the Ambanis love sunlight. The main lobby has 6 elevators to bring guests to specific floors and the whole building features a lot of custom made pieces. There is an outdoor/indoor bar, a theatre, scores of powder rooms, an entertainment centre, and a huge entourage room for the staff to have a place to relax. Perhaps the most jaw dropping features are the carport which can house 168 cars, the spa, the helipads, and the terraced garden.
In case you are wondering, despite having dozens of servants and household help plus all the luxury money can buy in the world, the Ambani children do clean their own rooms.
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