Real Estate Advice: Are You A-Okay for Winter? Check Out These Tips to Winterize Your Home

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Winter has officially started but it isn’t too late to winterize your home! We’ve compiled 15 amazing tips for a winter-safe home! Say hello to an energy-efficient warm and toasty haven that’s wallet-friendly and environment friendly too! Whether you’ve got only a few hours a day or just 1 weekend to fully prepare for winter, our list will take care of all your home’s winter woes.

Tackle Your Furnace

Have an HVAC Professional check-up and tune up your furnace before you even use it this year. An inspection is going to cost you around $100 but that’s nothing compared to the energy savings you’ll get and your family’s safety.

Clean Your Heating Ducts

The same HVAC Professional can take care of cleaning out your heating ducts. Leaks can cost you up to 60% more in your heating bill so better get that duct taped fast!

Reverse Ceiling Fans

A clockwise blade direction pushes warm air down, saving you a few hundred dollars in your energy bill.

Tweak the A/C

Drain any pipes or hoses to help extend the life of you’re a/c since you won’t be using it in winter. Vacuum up pools of water and/or any fluid to prevent it from freezing and damaging you’re a/c.

Trim Nearby Trees

Branches hanging over windows, cars, and roofs can cause major damage when they get too heavy with ice and break.

Regularly Replace Your Furnace Filter

Dirty filters impede air flow and are a fire hazard. You may also want to switch to reusable electronic or electrostatic ones to save some extra bucks in the long run.

Insulation Tune-Up!

Adding fiberglass insulation in your attic can really work wonders for your home’s energy efficiency. Just make sure that extra insulation doesn’t have a paper backing to avoid problems down the road.

Block Air Leaks

Up to 30% of your energy use can be wasted because of drafts. Caulking and lining places with draft can help keep your home warm and save you some cash.

Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

A home fire won’t be fun and not waking up from sleep forever is no joke either. Avoid fires and carbon monoxide poisoning by replacing batteries with new ones and making sure the alarms are working.

Have a 72-Hour Survival Kit

You won’t really know if you will get snowed in or if a major snow storm is going to hit your area so better be prepared and get yourself and your family members a 72-hour survival kit. Don’t forget your pets too!

Install Storm Windows and Storm Doors

This is an easy and clever way to reduce energy consumption by as much as 45%! Whoa! Just do it!

Inspect Your Chimney

Have your chimney swept by a professional before using it. A badly maintained chimney is one of the major causes of home fires during winter.

Make Your Gutters Pristine

Clean your gutters to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. You won’t like the mess and the cost when that happens.

Wrap Your Pipes

Making your water pipes energy efficient can help conserve fuel, energy, time, and of course money. Think about no more waiting for the hot water for your shower!

Bring Out the Biggest Sweaters!

It won’t really be winter unless you’ve been spotted sporting some very winter-y sweaters. They’re not only cosy, they raise up your temperature by about 4 degrees and save you lots of dough on your heating bill!Excited for winter? Then you’d love it at Oakville! Oakville has a wide array of winter attractions for the whole family. The community is extra warm and welcoming too! Contact us to help you find your perfect Oakville home!

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