Real Estate: Baby Boomer Home Selling Tips

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Your children are (finally!) leaving home, and now you’re thinking about selling your real estate. How do you do it? There are many reasons that Baby Boomers will want to sell their homes, but too much space is the most common problem. If you want to simplify your life and get some money in your pocket, it’s time to sell your home. Selling a property isn’t like it was 5, 10 or even 20 years ago; you’re going to have to take great pains to present a great appearance and attract a wide variety of buyers.

Clutter Doesn’t Sell

With real estate, clutter closes minds to buying. You’re going to want to make sure that you present a clean, crisp modern space. Rustic goes over well, but it really depends on the Oakville neighbourhood that you’re in, whether it's North or South Oakville real estate. Either way, you’re going to want to clear clutter out when you have showings. People will peek in your closets to get an idea of the space, so you’ll want to make sure that everything that can be opened is tidy. Don’t let a little clutter get in the way of you selling your property for a good price!

Think About Staging Your Home

Staging your home can help you bring attention to all of the positive aspects of your home without attracting attention to some of the more quirky aspects that buyers might shy away from. Staging is becoming more and more important with Oakville real estate; if your neighbour is selling their house this way, how can you hope to compete if you’re not doing the same?
Staging isn’t just furnishings just inside your home; you’ll also want to make the exterior of your house shine too! Vertical planters are a great choice, but flowerboxes and planters will also make your house pop with colour. Have the exterior of your home power washed and your windows cleaned, and don’t forget to have your paths cleared too. A well-lit exterior will also sell better, so make sure all the lights outside are working (but not working so well they blind visitors!)


Painting is the number one way to improve your home inside and out. This will really depend on who you’re selling to. Young families and couples might be attracted to a house with colourful rooms for the children, while others will want neutral tones that will be easy for them to cover. It will always really depend on what neighbourhood you’re in and who your potential buyers will be.
If you need help figuring out how to market your home, let us help! We have a great deal of experience selling homes in Oakville, and we understand what it takes to get from pricing your home to getting it sold. You don’t have to do it on your own, and you don’t want to do it on your own either. Contact us today and see what we can do for your Oakville real estate.

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