Design Tips: Choosing the Best Tile Layout

Goodale Miller Team


Choosing the best tile layout for your space need not be a daunting task. Whether you’re aiming to go for stacked, basket-weave, mosaic, herringbone, or brick, we’ll help you decide below!


The simplest tile layout is the stacked pattern. All the tiles will be simply aligned to form a repeating grid that will give you crisp and clean angles. This layout is best used in modern interiors especially when paired with some wooden accents.

Basket Weave

If you want some extra drama but not really into the complexity of a herringbone tile layout, then the basket weave tile pattern is for you. This layout avoids the cutting of the material and is easy enough that even DIYers will have no trouble with this. Perfect for giving contemporary décor something extra to complement it with.


A mosaic tile pattern need not involve complex images and patterns. It is simply the use of small tiles in repeated shapes which are often pre-glued into easy to install sheets these days. This tile pattern is best used for accent walls in fairly dry areas. Just take note that the mosaic tile pattern uses more grout and can be very painstaking if installing each tiny tile instead of using pre-glued ones.

Solid Slabs

Using solid tile slabs is becoming popular these days especially for backsplashes. This may cost more than smaller tiles but is worth the extra investment if using in a compact kitchen. You can definitely use this to save money if you’ve got an area you want to be done in expensive stone. Choose the stone for more visible areas and then some carefully selected solid slab in matching pattern and colour for less visible areas.


Perhaps the most complicated tile layout pattern, the herringbone is formed by laying tiles at right angles so that it forms repeating zigzags. This tile layout has a knack for looking a lot more expensive than it really is, but can also cost you a lot of wasted materials from additional cuttings. Refrain from using the herringbone tile layout for very large surfaces to avoid overwhelming people visually.


The classic and one of the easiest patterns for subway tiles, the brick tile layout pattern is done by laying down tiles horizontally and then laying the next row in a deliberate half tile offset pattern. To make this tile layout more stylish, you can opt to use contrasting grout colour, such as using gray grout with white tiles to place more emphasis on the repeating geometric pattern. You can use the brick tile layout pattern anywhere! In fact, it’s the best one to use for large tiled spaces.

Large Brick

Large brick just means using oversized bricks instead of smaller sized brick tiles. This tile layout adds a contemporary appeal and can appear seamless more so if using grout that is almost the same hue as the tiles. Great for large spaces.

Vertical Brick

The vertical brick tile layout is fantastic for making a room seem taller. The unexpected twist also makes for a modern appeal that’s hard to miss. A must try either in a small room or for an accent wall!
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