Design Tips: 8 Luxury Bathtub Designs for Your Home

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A luxury home won’t be complete without a few high-end tubs, but a lavish tub isn’t limited to just the classic white tub most homes have. There is certainly nothing wrong with going for a bathtub that’s not only luxurious but also has a personality of its own! How to choose then? Should you go for stone? Marble? Glass? How about metal? Maybe even wood? Imagination is the limit when you want your bathtub to be the star of your bathroom!
Below are some amazing ideas for luxury bathtub designs. Pick one or a few that fits your aesthetics and bathroom design or style.

Stainless Steel Tub

Who could have imagined that a stainless steel tub can look downright gorgeous? Steel can be either masculine and industrial or sleek and sophisticated depending on the bathtub design and shape that you choose. Maintenance is a breeze because stainless steel is one of the most sturdy and easy to clean materials.

Wood Tub

If you’re looking for an exotic and rich bathtub material, you might want to explore wooden tubs. Waterproofed marine wood is especially exquisite and can blend well with almost any bathroom design. Wood can also be stained almost any color that you prefer.

Marble Tub

A freestanding marble tub will make you feel like you’re on top of the world, more so when crafted from a single slab of marble. Marble tubs are usually made to specification and can last several lifetimes if cared for properly.

Rock Tub

Are you aware that almost any stone can be carved out to make a bathtub for you? If using real stone, just make sure that you get the stone polished and sealed for proper care. If the weight of the material is an issue, acrylic tubs can be made to look like stone these days.

Barrel Tub

No need to travel back in time to the days of the wild west when you can have your own barrel tub in the comfort of your luxury home! Barrel tubs are perfect for a bachelor’s pad or a mountain cabin but you can have one installed in your luxury home for an edgy touch.

Copper Tub

Copper is known for its durability and beauty. It even gets prettier as it ages and when polished to reveal its rich and alluring dark sheen.

Glass Tub

You may be worried about safety concerns over getting a glass tub but glass bathtubs are actually very sturdy. You can also choose to have your glass tub frosted, tinted, or let it remain clear to better suit your bathroom design.

Concrete Tub

There is nothing cheap about using concrete for your bathtub if you use it right. Concrete can be customized to almost any specification. It can be stained to look like stone, moulded to whatever shape or size you want, and can withstand extremes in environmental conditions. Ask your contractor about a concrete tub and you might just get it!
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