Design Tips: Easy and Fast Decluttering Projects to Get You Organized

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Clearing clutter may be one of the most dreaded chores for most homeowners each spring. As fun as the past holidays was, things can truly pile up even for those who make sure to clean up. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start to get your home organized, here is a list of 10 decluttering projects that you can do during your spare time.

Go Through Your Stash of Dish Towels

Dish towels are one of the most used items in the kitchen and they suffer a lot from wear and tear. Each season, make sure to separate the ones in good condition from those that are tattered and turn the old ones into rags or recycle them.

Filter Your Entryway Drop Spot

Old mails, bills, subscriptions, books, newspapers, junk mail, and even scarves and umbrellas can pile up on your entryway drop spot. Clean this up every month or so and keep your entryway inviting and cozy.

Sort Condiments in Your Fridge

Condiments have a way of accumulating and getting forgotten. Be sure to sift through them and bin the ones that are already bad, past the expiration date, or you don’t need. You can organize further by using small bins or by returning them in the fridge separated by category.

Food Storage Container Clean Up

Tupperware and related items can make a huge mess in a kitchen drawer. Take all your food storage containers and try to fit all of them in one drawer by tossing ones that no longer work, don’t have a lid, or past their prime. Stack the ones you’ll keep neatly so you can easily see what you need clearly.

Laundry Room Makeover

There is no reason to keep empty bottles of stain removers, detergents, and fabric softener. Trash empty containers and try to use organizing bins to organize the ones you’ll keep.

Stop Piling Magazines and Catalogues

Do you know that you can recycle old magazines and catalogues? If there is no reason to keep them around, try to recycle or donate the ones you won’t be reading anymore. For magazines, note that you can opt for an online copy instead of a paper copy.

Pen Purge

Most of us have lots of pens all over the house. Gather them all in one cup and throw out the ones that no longer write well or are out of ink. Having a place for pens will save you a lot of time looking for one in the future.

Sack Your Unusable Socks

Socks that no longer have a partner shouldn’t be taking up storage space. Take them away and organize the remaining ones so you’d know exactly where a pair is when needed.

Shower Your Shower with Attention

Most people often neglect the pile of shower products they have, letting near empty bottles accumulate and wasting not just money, but also space. If you don’t like a product, see if it can be replaced or refunded. Some stores have recycling options as well as an option to donate. You won’t really be losing anything anyway if you don’t like an item, to begin with.

Downsize Your Kitchen Utensil Jar

There is no need to have a ton of cooking implements near your stove if you only use a few ones. The ones you don’t use are better off in a cabinet or drawer. Just keep the ones you use often in a jar for easy reach and less-cluttered look.
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