Design Tips: Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Outdoor Space

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Making your outdoor space look fabulous need not be a real challenge or take up too much of your budget. There are easy and simple solutions that can add colour and beauty to your landscape that you can do as a weekend project. Take a look at our outdoors sprucing tips below!

Try a Mural

This is a great way to spruce up a textured wall or a boring yard. Using a mural to brighten up your outdoor space takes no extra space and gives you a conversation starter for when you have an outdoor party!

Use Colourful Flowers in Colourful Pots!

Create a striking space by painting pots bright colours and planting a variety of beautiful flowers and vibrant herbs. The contrast of beautiful colours amidst greens like herbs is sure to perk up your outdoors.

Select Colourful Outdoor Furniture

Furniture need not be boring or dreary. You can use colourful furniture to serve as focal point as well as double as lawn décor. A few outdoor pillows strategically added to regular-looking outdoor furniture will also achieve the same effect.

Go for Vibrant Foliage Instead of Flowers

Too much use of flowers can make your outdoors look like a flower garden, and while that look is also pretty, it can be overwhelming to maintain and look at. Using vibrant foliage gives you year-round colour that is low maintenance and can be cheaper too.

Install Decorative Tiles

If a full tiled look isn’t your thing, you can still make use of this tip by incorporating decorative tiles on stairs, outdoor table tops, or (look at tip #1), your outdoor wall mural!

Emphasize Your Entryway with Colourful Plants

You can use flowering plants or those with vibrant foliage to pull this off. The idea is to draw the eye towards your entryway and give your home added curb appeal.

Buy Colourful Outdoor Décor

Pottery, stepping stones, and outdoor vases are all examples of lawn and outdoor décor that can use some colour. Mosaic art would be great too, especially using colourful or decorative tiles mentioned above.

Use a Vibrant Outdoor Rug

Your patio or deck needs a colourful outdoor rug. You can use stripes, mandala patterns, or even a floral one to match the overall theme of your outdoor space.

Paint One Wall an Accent Colour

An eye-catching colour can add a lot of character to an outdoor space simply by using it to paint a wall. Remember, the key here is to not go overboard. Just one wall will do, preferably one that you want to showcase or draw attention to.

Be Bold!

Try to find ways to add colour and beauty to your outdoor space that is uniquely you. Try Chinese lanterns, maybe unique lamps, or DIY a painting job (like the colourful pots mentioned above). You’re only limited by your imagination!
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