Former Hospital Site Development Approved by Oakville Council

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A community centre is soon to rise in south-central Oakville as a vote was passed early December 2017 by the town’s planning and development council approving the Official Plan and zoning amendments needed to start building a park, seniors-oriented housing, residential housing, and a community centre that includes a civic space at the Macdonald Road and Reynolds Street location.

Exciting Announcement

Oakville’s Mayor Rob Burton happily shared that they now can move with confidence regarding the Brantwood school project and the former hospital site project. He added that control of said projects will give the town a better vantage point to optimize green space and protect the character of the neighbourhood while giving residents a truly needed community centre.

Details to Look Forward To!

The existing parking garage of the former Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital will be part of the 45,000 sq. ft. community centre.
The site will feature a new entrance at the Lawson and Reynolds streets that will give access to the parking garage, future seniors-oriented housing area, former Oakville Trafalgar High School building and civic space, and the community centre.
The new park will be 0.6 hectares and will be north of the community centre and the public will have a word on its design.
The park, which will be located north of the community centre, is expected to be approximately 0.6 hectares in size.
19 detached dwellings will be the areas’s low-density residential development and will be situated along the west sids of Allan Street and south side of Macdonald Road.
16 townhouses will form the area of medium-density residential housing development across the future park and community centre and at the east sids of the new public street.
35 independent dwelling units will be at the four storeys seniors-oriented housing facility. This number is just a conservative estimate as a bigger area might be set aside for the seniors-oriented housing facility. A passive park and a civic space both covering an area of 0.3 hectares will be established nearby the seniors facility.
All these plans are falling into place as the town wanted after the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital moved to a new location in December 2015. The new developments are a follow up to June 2017’s endorsement of master plan for the lands that were formerly occupied by the hospital.

Residents Chime In

Meanwhile Oakvillians are concerned about the preservation of existing green spaces and their enrichment. They want more green space near the future seniors facility with easy access for the seniors who would be living there. They want the civic space to be integrated into the design and given landscaping.
All the proposed developments are meant to start construction as early as possible and scheduled to open in the fall of 2020. The public can share their thoughts til next year, 2018.
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