Lifestyle: Holiday Party Etiquette for Guests and Hosts

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Arrive on Time and Start the Party on Time

If you’re a guest, arriving at the party too early can stress out your host because they’re probably still making last minute preparations so guests who came on the right time won’t feel like they have to wait for other guests.

Hand Out Invites and Respond to Such with Sincerity

Inviting people to a party should be done with the full intent of wanting them to show up. To make sure that you don’t convey otherwise, be specific when extending invites and send them out as early as possible to give time for people to fit your party in their schedule and holiday plans. Be sure to give out complete information such as the time, venue, and dress code. For digital invites, it would be great if you can include a GPS-friendly address.
If you’ve been invited to a party, it is only polite to respond to the invite as early as possible no matter whether you’re attending or not. Party hosts need to plan for food, seating, and even party favours so if you can’t show up, it is best to let them know as soon as possible. Don’t bring a plus one as well unless you’ve communicated this to the party host.

Serve Both Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Drinks

Not everyone drinks alcohol so having another choice besides water would be great for guests who are pregnant, on medication, or are simply not alcohol drinkers. For drinks that are served as a big batch such as punch, make sure to add a label.

Assign Seats When Applicable

A formal dinner with a lot of guests can make some people uncomfortable when they don’t know other guests at the party. By assigning seats, you can make guests feel more at ease and maybe even create new friendships!

Be Ready for Mishaps

Breaking a glass or spilling a drink may happen to anyone. If you’re the host, try not to make a big deal out of it to not dampen the party’s spirit. If you’re the guest and you spilled or break something, be sure to apologise and at least offer to pay for cleaning or replacement.

Avoid Using the Phone

Even when a party is a casual event, it will be best to avoid using your phone unless absolutely necessary. If you must take a call, ask to be excused from the table and answer the call at a more private space.

Provide Easy Disposal for Cups, Shells, Pits, and Picks

If you’re serving cocktails, save your guests from the awkwardness of having nowhere to dispose of their olive pits, shrimp tails, and similar things. Small bowls placed near such items will be great.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

Be sure to stock the bathroom with hand soap, paper towel, bathroom spray, and maybe add a scented candle too.
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