Real Estate Advice: Home Selling Tips for Summer Listings

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Selling a home during summer means that you may have more competition out there as a lot of sellers usually list their properties during this time of the year. This means that you will have to know some tips to make your home stand out. Below are some of our best home selling tips for summer listings!

Get Your Home’s Exteriors Summer Ready!

Summer is usually the season that you can truly showcase your home’s exteriors, so go ahead and get busy with it! Curb appeal has a big impact on whether a house is going to sell or not. You want your home’s exteriors to make people want to come in and see the inside. Below is a list of how you can make the exterior of your home more attractive.
  • Use paint to refresh your home’s look
  • Water the lawn to make it more vibrant
  • Trim shrubs and bushes so that they have a lovelier shape
  • Clean the driveway
  • Mulch and weed your flower beds

Showcase Any Outdoor Living Space

No matter how small your outdoor living space is, it is still a selling point. Showcase it by making it look like how you would want it to be if you were spending a beautiful day outdoors. Buyers look into this thinking about how they will use it for enjoyment. Make that easier for them by perhaps having a BBQ with your open house or adding good lighting.

Make Sure Your Home is Sale-Ready

You wouldn’t want potential buyers to walk in on leaky roof, scratched floors, damaged walls, and the like. Having visible things that need to be repaired gives the impression of a neglected home. Instead of bidding up, buyers would haggle thinking they will have to save some for repairs.

Make Buyers Feel that They Are Seeing a Ready for Sale Home

You want your potential buyers to feel at home and not feel like they are invading someone else’s home. This is why you must depersonalise your home before a showing and best if you also declutter it. These are two separate things. Depersonalising means you will be taking out all personal effects and decluttering means you will be getting rid of items that do not serve a purpose for you. By doing both, you make the impression that your home is ready to be moved in by the next owner and that is always a selling point!

Address the Cooling Situation

You wouldn’t want buyers to think that your home is an oven during summer! Make sure that your cooling systems are working and that your home has a good ventilation system. Having you’re a/c serviced by an HVAC technician won’t hurt more so if you haven’t been using it lately. A working a/c is a must for a summer sale!

List Your Home with Top Notch Real Estate Professionals

Good real estate professionals help you set the price right, prepare your home for staging, and schedule showings. They make sure that your home is presented in the best possible light while maintaining honesty with potential buyers. This service is priceless!
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