Design Tips: How to Get a Luxury Hotel Look for Your Home

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It can be very expensive to have an interior designer take care of your space so why not do it yourself if you’re just looking for subtle changes that can create a luxury hotel look? We’ve compiled some expert tips on how to style and design your home to create a luxury hotel feel. Try some or try all and see how easy you can breathe new life into your space!

Bank on Symmetry

One way of making a space feel calm and relaxing is by mirroring or creating symmetry. When a space is visually balanced, it instantly gives a more laid-back vibe similar to what you can get staying at a luxury hotel.

Be Generous with Pillows

Whether in the bedroom or the living spaces, piling on the cushions and pillows creates a plush and warm space filled with understated luxury. Best if the pillows and cushions have a common theme or colour palette but come in different sizes and textures.

Do Away with Clutter

Never allow clutter to build up. Make sure that every little thing has its place and that personal items are not left in the living areas. Things will be easier to maintain this way.

Go for Layered Lighting

A common design tip for a luxury feel is to use at least 3 sources of light per room. One directly overhead, another decorative, and at least one for mood lighting.

Stick to a Neutral Colour Palette

Elegant and timeless interiors tend to not use loud and garish colours. Choose a mix of neutrals as your color palette and try to stick to it throughout the house. You can be more playful and inject personality with the seasonal accessories and décor anyway.

Showcase Your Home’s Best Features

If you got the space, use overstuffed upholstery. If you have a high ceiling, make use of lighting that will draw the eyes up. If you have beautiful paneling, paint it a different colour to contrast the wall. Play up your home’s best features by highlighting them.

Splurge on Statement Lighting

A huge part of what makes luxury hotel rooms and lobbies so grand is the lighting. Replicate that by going for statement lighting pieces that can get everyone’s attention. A beautiful chandelier or a sculptural piece of lighting art should do the trick.

Showcase Your Bookcase

Make sure to style your bookcases by mixing in some beautiful boxes and small decorative pieces to your book display. You can also try color coordinating books or stacking them both vertically and horizontally for added visual interest.

Style Your Furniture

Do you know that you can accessorize your furniture? That is exactly what you are doing when you add throws and pick specific prints and texture for your pillows!

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Don’t shy away from multi-purpose furniture. You can also try mixing them up for an eclectic arrangement. This will give off a customized feel or a personal touch to your space.
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