Real Estate: How to Stage an Open House

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Staging an open house for your Oakville home for sale is important, do you know what to do? Many Oakville realtors will warn against “wasting time” on open houses, but they can be a useful tool to reach buyers who you may not have been able to otherwise. Here we’re going to talk about the right way to go about selling a house with an open house, and how you can use your time wisely.

Why Open Houses?

Figuring out how to market your home creatively is the key to selling your home. With an open house, you’ll be able to open the home up to different realtors, brokers and home buyers. You may be able to draw in people who didn’t even know they wanted to buy a home, people who just saw the sign on the street. Sometimes you’re in a high rise condo or another kind of dwelling that isn’t suitable for an open house; we can help you as Oakville realtors to figure out if this is the right option for you.

Know When It’s Time

Knowing when it’s time to stage your open house is one of the most important keys to success! Saturdays and Sundays in the afternoon are always a good time to show your home, since people are out and about trying to find homes to buy. This means you’re going to want to run from say 12pm to 4pm; if you want to show for two days, you can run it from 1pm to 3pm. You can hold it longer than this if you like, the choice will be up to you about how long you want to keep it open. We’ll help you determine what time would be right for your neighbourhood and kind of Oakville real estate.

Be Prepared

Being prepared means having everything ready before you show your home; you don’t want to try and show your home around a holiday or with inclement weather. This includes anything special going on in Oakville either, just make sure that nothing will keep people from coming to your open house. The purpose of showing your real estate is to get people to come in.
Decluttering is important. If you have a lot of furniture or belongings in the home, you’ll want to work with a home stager to make your Oakville real estate more interesting. They can rent you great furnishings for your showing so you can show the house’s potential.
Remove anything that you don’t want to sell. This means if you have some fancy light fixtures in your home, buyers are going to expect them to come with the house. It’s fun to dress a house up before you sell it, but if you don’t present it as it is people will pull their offers back off. If you have pets in your home, have them out for the day. Try to make it as clean, neat and full of possibilities as possible.

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