Design Tips: How to Use Common Light Fixtures

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If you’re a new homeowner or perhaps looking into buying a new home for your family, the sheer number of lighting options alone can make you feel woozy. There’s so many out there! What to use for which?
Lighting is important because it can make or break the look, function, and feel of your home. Ever wondered what makes designer hotel rooms so inviting? It’s all about lighting! Proper lighting with the right layering of light sources can make any space inviting, warm, and lovely. Find out more by reading this guide to common light fixtures and how to use them!


Designers says that the best source of light is natural light; hence, you will want to take advantage of windows as much as possible. Take note though that having windows will not be enough on gloomy days, installing other light sources near the window can balance that out.

Pot Lights

If you’re looking to modernize your home, recessed downlights or pot lights are a great option. A grid of pot lights over an area gives a natural softness that mimics sunlight and works best when paired with sconces, lamps, and windows to minimize shadows.

Track Lights

Contrary to what most people think, using track lights will not make your home seem dated. Properly spaced and installed, track lights are great for task lighting, especially when paired with under cabinet lighting for areas such as the kitchen.

Pendants and Chandeliers

No stately home would be complete without a sprinkling of pendant lights and chandeliers and the difference between the two seems to be just mere decorative value. Both can provide direct illumination, an overall glow, or ambient lighting.
Downward chandeliers and pendant lights provides direct lighting, and is often used for dining rooms and the like, while fixtures that are designed to provide a glow or are directed upwards are meant to create mood lighting and ambiance.

Hidden Lights

Strips of LED under a bed, behind faux walls, or hidden in niches are meant to give a soft light that illuminates small areas. They are often used for mood lighting.


Artistic, simple, or ornate, sconces are a mainstay for spas, bathrooms, and any room meant to be an oasis of relaxation. Besides being decorative, they give the best lighting without shadows for small spaces when places opposite each other.

Standing lamps

Be it during the day or at night, standing lamps mimics sunlight and can balance out the harsh light coming from an overhead source. They can be quite decorative too!

Wall Washers

Love art pieces? Then you can’t do without wall washers! Aside from simple illumination, they can highlight certain areas of your home, contributing to a warm, live-in feel.


Who doesn’t want to showcase beautiful shaped ceilings? You can certainly highlight that by using uplights. Placed high on the wall to provide indirect light or perhaps installed on the floor for a more modern feel, you can achieve a minimalist gallery look or a more traditional one by varying the position of your uplights. Isn’t that exciting?
It isn’t home sweet home without proper lighting! Light up your home with the choices in this lighting guide or find one already equipped with designer lighting in Oakville! Take a look at our beautiful available homes in Oakville or contact us so that we can recommended what may be the best choices for you amongst our listings.

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