News: Inside the Doomsday Bunker for Billionaires

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Aren’t you curious how the world’s rich and famous are planning to ride out a doomsday scenario? Well, we’ve stuck our noses to sniff out one of the world’s best and biggest planned bunkers for a doomsday escape – the Vivos! Vivos is a modern day, by-invite only Noah’s Ark in Germany that is designed to be the ultimate doomsday escape for those who are fortunate enough to be able to afford the hefty price tag per bunker; but oh boy, what a bunker it is! We bet that you haven’t imagined a doomsday bunker to be equipped with an indoor pool and have features that is similar to being in a pricey cruise ship, right? There’s that and more inside Vivos!

One of A Kind

A bunker that features 2,500 square feet of living space for every family? With provisions for having 2 storey bunkers to make a total of 5,000 square feet of underground luxury living space? Whoa!Each family that will get invited to be a part of the Vivos project will have the option of hiring their own architect to create a space unique to their needs. You can even replicate your home inside the bunker! The Vivos site is located in a massive underground shelter that was built during the cold war by the Soviets. It is essentially one of the biggest survival shelters on Earth and was bought by Vicino et al, the Vivos founder sometime after that when it was auctioned by the German government. The shelter can withstand earthquakes, shock waves, chemical and biological agents, a close range nuclear blast, electro-magnetic waves, a direct plane crash, tsunamis, and even an armed attack. This is as good as any shelter can get people!We’re not going to bore you with the technical details but let’s just say that the shelter is truly impressive. The tunnels alone are equivalent to 71 Boeing 747s connected end to end and the underground corridors are large enough for heavy equipment and mechanical transportation to pass through. All of these are enclosed within the shelter and safe against any attacks.

All You’ll Ever Need

The whole complex has humidity and temperature control and underground rooms that have customizable climate and ventilation systems. How about water? The complex has plenty of deep wells as well as its very own water treatment plant, power plant, air filtration and cooling systems, restaurants, and hospital area. It is also like living in an underground self-sustaining condominium!Above ground facilities are just as impressive, with helipads, lockdown provisions, warehouses, and all other things that might be needed in a doomsday scenario. On top of this, the shelter also has a massive collection of the most precious treasures and artifacts of the world, a vast collection of zoological species, and a DNA vault that’s protecting the genomes of millions of donors from everywhere in the world.All living quarters at the Vivos will be fitted with HVAC systems, security systems, communications, internet, power lines, and plumbing for water and sewage. As for creature comforts, there would be restaurants, bakeries, play rooms, community meeting rooms, brewery pub, prayer rooms, wine cellar, training rooms, computer areas, radio station, security and detention centre, hair salons, offices, and plenty more things that are needed to have a vibrant community that is essential for survival below ground for up to a few decades if needed. The Vivos complex is truly the ultimate in doomsday sanctuary anyone can ask for!Looking for a safe haven for your family? Then choose Oakville! We may not have doomsday bunkers for you but you sure are welcome to build one in your very own Oakville homeContact us now!

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