Community News: InZone Updated Zoning Bylaws Approved by Oakville Council

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What many are touting as the next step in the right direction towards making Livable Oakville a reality, the new InZone zoning bylaws were approved by the Oakville Council in a unanimous vote. InZone incorporates new regulations and permissions outlined in Livable Oakville, the town’s official plan, setting the table for how, when, what and where buildings and updates can be constructed in Oakville.
Almost a year ago the council received the first draft of the plan; after a vigorous process of community involvement (open houses, online meetings, one on ones and more), a friendlier, more comprehensive zoning bylaw was born.

A Comprehensive Plan for the Future

InZone sets the rules for what property owners can develop and build, land use and how buildings can be used, how tall buildings and large lots in given areas can be. It doesn’t stop there though.
It extends to everything to designating mixed zoning in areas like Bronte Village and Uptown - creating spaces for storefronts while keeping residences out of the way of heavy traffic. Employment types are regulated to specific uses (office, business, industrial and business commercial) for specific lands, helping to produce a more livable Oakville that makes sense for everyone.

Integration with Explore Oakville and the GIS

The best thing about the InZone plan is that anyone can review the bylaws online and figure out how they apply to them, what they can do with their next project and even who they can contact if they have a problem.
The final draft of the new bylaw includes over 200 definitions, all making it easier to find out which one applies to you and how you can move forward. Oakville’s Council announced that it would soon be integrated with the Geographic Information System with the Explore Oakville tool so that residents and businesses could have a more efficient self-service option.

Not Everyone Happy with Rules

Some businesses and residents aren’t happy with the rules - especially the ones for Bronte. Many business owners and residents are wary of the inconsistent height restrictions in the area. Over the last three decades they’ve bounced between single level, two storey and even three storey maximums.
Many streetscape and habitation studies have shown that cities across North America will begin to go vertical to conserve resources; and while the current two-storey max for most structures is workable for the next decade, many home owners and small businesses may need a little more flexibility and room to grow in the future.
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