Luxury home selling advice: Is a Living Room Bar an Asset or a Liability

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We get a lot of questions, and of course, many about bars in the home. Some people want a wet bar in their office, while others are going to see it as something that they don’t want to devote a lot of time and space to. It’s all about presentation, modernity and catering to the needs of people that would actually want a bar.
So first things first: what kind of neighbourhood are you living in? Lots of singles, lots of entertaining? Or is it cute little family homes where people keep to themselves, where people would much rather have a home office, a place for impromptu dining or maybe even a reading nook?
A bar in your living room will probably date your home more than anything - it’s just not one of those much sought after features. People see drinking more as a social activity they do in the company of friends, far, far away from home. Bars belong to the by-gone era of people that had the time, the money and the ample smoking space to throw parties at home.

Concealed Bars are Different

Concealed bars, on the other hand, are entirely different. Again, it comes down to where you live and who will be looking at your home. Most people don’t want an over-the-top, ostentatious bar that puts pressure on them, just sitting out there in the middle of their living room. What some of them do want, however, is something that they can pull out when they need to.
That’s why concealed bars are making a comeback. When the doors are closed your kids are watching SpongeBob and you’re getting your work done, no one’s the wiser that behind that wall is a space rife for entertaining.
You can also put a little more “bling” into a bar you conceal, something that can clash with your current décor and be a little more acceptable. If you’re thinking about installing a bar with an eye towards the future, it never hurts to really understand all of your options. Just know that if you are going to try and sell your home with one of those monolithic 70s bars, you’re going to have a hard time selling it.

Perks of Modern Bars

Mirrored backsplashes don’t always go off well in the kitchen (especially with gas ranges, the glow can be a bit too eerie for some!), but they do call attention to a space like a bar. You’ll also want to think about glass shelves, marble countertops and even integrated sinks and refrigerators to give your design a modern look and feel. Some designs go as far as incorporating EL neon lighting, but that can give your home too much of Tron or ”club” feel.
If you enjoy having a big old bar in your home, keep it - just don’t expect the next owner to love it as much as you do. Bars and swimming pools have become harder and harder to sell.
Either way, we can help you find the home that’s right for you (or sell your old one too!) Give us a call today and find out what the Goodale Miller Team has in store for you.

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