Community News: It Was a Sellout Crowd at the Oakville Awards for Business Excellence!

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Closing off the month of March was the Oakville Awards for Business Excellence and we’re here to let you know that it was a huge success! The gala event, which recognises the top businesses in the town of Oakville drew out such a huge crowd of the best in Oakville’s business community and was a record-breaking sell-out affair.

A Grand Celebration

A fitting celebration of 20 years of business excellence, the OABE gala held at the Oakville Conference Centre was organised by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Rotary Club of Oakville West and had a crowd of 607 compared to last year’s 550.
Kelly Colborne, the Oakville Chamber chair, says that it is awesome to be able to do the gala for the last 20 years and that the chamber finds it important to recognise and celebrate Oakville businesses yearly because these businesses are helping Oakville by bringing in well-paying jobs.

The Nominees and Awards

There’s 8 categories for the awards with 65 nominees total, namely: Oakville Hydro Conservation Leadership Award, Professional Services Provider of the Year, Mid-size Business of the Year, RBC Small Business of the Year, Restaurateur of the Year, Genworth Community Builder of the Year, Large Business of the Year, and Entrepreneur of the Year.
Aside from the awards above, there was also an award for a prominent local business which is held in high regard by many – The Oakville Business Icon Award, and an award which recognises non-profits and charitable organisations which provides services and/or raises funds to improve the lives of the people in the Oakville community – the Oakville Charity or Not-For-Profit Excellence Award.
Now, you might be inching to know who got the awards, right? Well, they are below:

TWN Named as an Oakville Business Icon

The Business Icon Award went to The Weather Network, Canada’s only 24-hour English Weather channel. The award was accepted by the president, CEO, and executive chairman of the channel’s parent company, Permorex Media in the person of Pierre Morrissette who was quoted saying that it is remarkable that TWN got the recognition since the award is considered to be the top-of-the-heap recognition for any business in Oakville. Morrissette also said that TWN has very hard working employees who’d be so happy to hear that they were given recognition for what they do and that TWN makes it a point to try to give back to the community as much as possible as part of the Oakville community.

First Ever Charity or Not-For-Profit Excellence Award

This year was quite special for the OABE as they named The Oakville Community Foundation, or OCF as the first ever recipient of the Charity or Not-For-Profit Excellence Award. OCF CEO Rusty Baillie received the award and said that the foundation is able do the extraordinary things for the Oakville community through the efforts and help of the very generous 140 businesses and families who all work together to fund OCF’s $2 million worth of projects and endeavors yearly.

All Excellent, All Award Winning!

Here’s a rundown of the 8 other award categories and the excellent businesses which were given recognition:
  • Genworth Community Builder of the Year is First Canadian Title, a Canadian title insurance company which supports causes like Habitat for Humanity and Canadian Cancer Society.
  • Restaurateur of the Year is the Mye Japanese Restaurant, owned by philanthropist Motoaki Aoki.
  • Large Business of the Year is Media Resources International, who says that they owe all their success to their hardworking employees.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year went to PurePages.
  • Oakville’s Professional Services Provider of the Year is the Oakpark Pet Hospital
  • RBC Small Business of the Year was awarded to Oakville Blueprinting Ltd.
  • Oakville’s Mid-size Business of the Year is much respected Speers Flooring
  • Oakville Hydro Conservation Leadership Award was given to Vac Aero.
We are proud to be part of Oakville and proud of all the nominees and awards recipients! It is indeed great to be an Oakvillian and be surrounded by businesses which cares for their town and its people. Hats off to everyone who made this event possible!
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