Lifestyle: 10 Fall Traditions and Simple Pleasures

Have you ever felt that fall is somehow a lot more fun when you were younger? That life was less complicated and people seemed to enjoy more of the simple pleasures in life? Remember apple picking, sipping hot drinks by the fire, sampling lots of baked goodies? Well, you can bring that all back and share them with loved ones and friends to make more awesome fall memories together!
In this blog, we’ve compiled 10 of the sweetest fall traditions amongst our favourites and you’re free to adopt them!

Celebrate Harvest

Whether you do this by attending a harvest festival or by hosting a harvest party, this is certainly an opportunity to spend some quality time with the people dearest to you.

Indulge in Project Cooking

If you love to cook but find that you seldom have the time to do so, setting an autumn afternoon aside to cook some of your most loved and time-consuming dishes can do wonders this fall! For one, you’d be preparing some goodies for you and loved ones, and two, you’ll be doing something you love!

Go Apple Picking

Fall wouldn’t be complete without some time spent on picking apples! There are plenty of orchards that offers visitors a chance to pick their own apples so be sure to check that out. Bonus points is that you’ll get to pick the best produce and it surely will be a lot tastier and sweeter than the ones at the store.

Take a Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Or any sort of patch! You’d love picking up some pumpkins, other gourds, and possibly some twigs and flowers for your fall centerpiece. If you have young children, you can make it an autumn tradition to take photos of them and watch year after year as they grow a lot bigger than the pumpkins!

Gather Around a Fire Pit

Whether you love some s’mores or you simply like the warm feeling coming from a fire on a balmy fall evening, enjoying an outdoor fire pit never gets as enjoyable as when you enjoy it in fall.

Visit a Vineyard

Better so if you schedule it during a grape harvest! Early fall would be the best time to visit a vineyard if you’re lucky enough to live near one but if not, then this season would still be the perfect time to take that long road trip and visit one.

Go on a Picnic

You’d be cooped up indoors once winter sets in so why not enjoy the good weather by going on a picnic? It can be as simple as packing some sandwiches and a blanket or you can go real fancy and pack some wine, cheeses, and your other picnic staples for a fun day out in the sun.

Sip Hot Drinks by the Fire

Hot sweet tea, strong coffee, bittersweet hot cocoa, or hot cider with a cinnamon stick, no matter which drink you prefer for cold weather, now would be the time to really savour it. A fireplace isn’t even necessary!

Go Leaf Diving

Who says only kids can take a dive at a pile of fall leaves? No one is stopping you and it’s really fun so just go for it! Don’t forget to take photos!

Decorate Your Home for Fall!

Bring out the cosy quilts, have bowls of nuts and dried fruits, and a basket of apples and you’ll have a fall-perfect home décor! You can opt to add some pumpkins and perhaps sneak in warm coloured accent pieces.
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