Luxury home selling advice: Meet the Newest Trend in Home Staging: Pop Up Furniture

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Who wants to pay all those labour costs to schlep furniture in and out of an open house when you can just have… paper furniture? It’s not always paper, but it is “look all you like – but don’t sit” furniture. Prop furniture had its start in the entertainment business and its hay day in luxury real estate back in the early 2000s and now it’s making a comeback. When your condo is on the 30th floor it could be the best way to go – but even if you’re on the ground level you could get a lot out of it!

Staging Elevated: Furniture Origami

Some call it a “stylish quickie” – a blank canvas that illustrates the scale and possibilities of a home without having to commit to a certain style. Let’s face it, one of the worst parts of staging is trying to guess what most of the buyers are looking for this season.
But most potential buyers don’t buy your home – just one of them does. Trying to zero in on a target so small is tough, even for the most seasoned home stagers. Instead of trying to find the right fit, why not just show the possibility instead?

Milk Carton Couches

Polypropylene is the most common material for popup furniture – the same stuff milk cartons are made of. Thick, stylish and stands upright, you still probably shouldn’t sit on it!
They come in a vast array of styles, shapes and colours to fit just about any décor need, but most stagers will pick the plain white ones. You don’t want to overpower the space or darken it, and it’s not like the buyers can sit on them and “get a feel” for the room that way. It’s just there to illustrate the possibility of the home.

Less than a Third of the Cost of Traditional Staging

Popup furniture typically runs ½ to 1/3 the cost of traditional staging options. There are no multi-month commitments or contracts that a seller or agent has to sign. If you want to furnish a floor length condo on the 30th floor downtown you can if you like – and you won’t have to drag heavy furniture up the emergency stairs to do it either.
If you’re going for a modern look that you want installed overnight, this might just be the way to go – but you’ll probably still have to go with cloth window coverings and metal fixtures.

Trend Here to Stay?

Like most luxury real estate trends, you just never know what’s going to stick around and what’s going to disappear overnight. Either way, it’s something fun, new and exciting to try!
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