Luxury home selling advice: Staging Your Home to Sell

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Think back to the first time you walked through your current home… It may have been a weekend Open House, or an agent showing, but there was a combination of factors that drew you in; and ultimately SOLD you that home. Then you moved in. You created memories, acquired mementos, imbedded your personal style. Perhaps your household has grown, and you’ve updated or renovated accordingly. Your lived-in old friend has served you well. However, at this stage of your life, you feel you need more space or a change of scenery. You’re ready to sell. Or are you?
Realizing it is very hard for anyone who is emotionally invested in a property to consider another individual or family may not share their taste or style, we’ve reached out to Home Staging Expert Gloria Cravero, and asked her to reveal her Top 5 Home Staging Tips ~
#5 - Appeal to Your Buyer’s Emotions - Creating the proper atmosphere helps buyers envision themselves living in your home. Buyers make decisions about a home using all of their senses. How your home looks and smells also makes a lasting impression on the buyer. Try adding some fresh flowers to your décor.
#4 - Furnish Empty Rooms - Empty rooms make it hard for buyers to get a true sense of the space. Small rooms look even smaller when empty.  Staging your empty property with the right furniture is key to ensuring that buyers will be able to visualize living in the space.
#3 - Keep It Clean & Clutter-Free - Clean your home from top to bottom, and keep it clean for inevitable ‘surprise showings’. We all have a lot of stuff, and a lot of stuff can interfere with a buyer’s ability to see a home. Clear surfaces, reorganize closets and pack away some of your belongings; including photos, souvenirs and prized collections. You don't want buyers looking at your family pictures and knick-knacks while they are supposed to be focusing on architectural features like your vaulted ceilings or new countertops.
#2 - Update, Update, Update - Buyers prefer to see a home in move-in condition. Minor cosmetic updating and touch-ups, such as painting, wallpaper removal, flooring, lighting fixtures and updated cabinet hardware might be in order. A fresh coat of paint can update an entire room. Keep your décor simple and modern with neutral wall colours.
And Gloria’s Number One Tip? “Complete 360 Appeal”.  “Curb appeal is HUGE!” Gloria says. Complete 360 Appeal focuses on making your property appealing in every way, both inside and out. Remember that technology offers potential purchasers access to virtual tours, video and web photos of your home before they decide if it is worth making the trip to your curb to have a closer look. If the tours and the photos of your home are not impressive, they will keep clicking until they find properties that appeal to them emotionally.

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