Design Tips: Luxury Kitchen Trends for Your Elegant Home

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Elegance and luxury are two different things. You can lavish all sorts of expensive luxuries on your home but still fail to bring a sense of elegance to it. Luxurious elegance has substance to it. In the home, it is not just about giving in to your guilty pleasures for your kitchen but also about making sure that kitchen additions are practical and serve a purpose.
But why put all this work in the kitchen? The kitchen remains as one of the top deciding factors when a home buyer is considering purchasing a home. For a luxury kitchen, each new addition is an investment towards the value of the home and should make future home buyers feel that they are truly getting the best that money can buy. Choose from the following luxury kitchen trends to create a truly elegant home!

A Dash of Travel-Inspired Details Here and There

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the home and one way to make it feel more laid-back and warmer is to add bits and pieces of travel-inspired details such as functional décor with a hint of an exotic motif.

Truly Functional and Beautiful Kitchens

Kitchens these days serve as an extension of the family room. It is no longer meant for just cooking food but to also serve as a gathering place for family members and informal get-togethers. Because of this, luxury kitchens need to be ready for entertaining guests while still being fully functional. You can have both if you design your luxury kitchen as a versatile living space with dynamic features such as extra seating, extendable counters, and movable island.

Have an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking is not just a luxury trend, it is a necessity! Imagine hosting a party at home and having to bring out everything from the indoor kitchen; wouldn’t it be easier to have outdoor cooking facilities to make life easier and more enjoyable for you? With an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy more of your garden whenever the weather is great outside. If your space is not large enough for a full outdoor kitchen, a sink and provision for a grill and stove are enough for you to make the most of your property in any weather.

Make a Statement in Marble

High-contrast marble is becoming increasingly popular. The more visible the veining, the better. There is something about it that makes a powerful statement in a luxury kitchen. It is very durable too.

Consider a Butler Pantry and Luxury Wine Storage

Although open plan kitchen layouts are still popular, there is an increasing appreciation for butler pantries and luxury wine storage via a side room. With a small room designated as a butler pantry and/or a wine room, there will be less clutter in the kitchen, making it more suitable for entertaining. If you have enough space, you can also showcase these rooms by designing them in such a way that they can be open to your guests. Imagine inviting friends over for wine tasting at your own luxury wine storage room. Wouldn’t that be great?Looking for more luxury home design inspirations? Or are you planning to move into your dream luxury home near Toronto? Contact us to view available luxury homes in Oakville so you can move in soon!

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