Luxury Real Estate: Luxury Mumbai Condo Bandra Ohm Features a Private Pool for Every Unit

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Luxury condominiums are certainly getting grander and this condo building in Mumbai by James Law Cybertecture is a testament to that. Wait, what? Cybertecture? Yes! Condos of the future are certainly looking oh-so-beautiful, thanks to visionaries in condo design and architecture like the builders of the 30-storey high Bandra Ohm.

101 Pools for 100 Residential Units

We’re sure that no matter how luxurious-looking your condo is, no one looks forward to actually sharing a pool with neighbours right? This is what makes the Bandra Ohm special – each unit comes with its own small balcony pool overlooking the city of Mumbai.
Each residential pool will be acrylic-encased and crescent shaped. The shape was chosen to echo the building’s design theme which is all about rippling water. The pools will be made of the same material which encases huge aquariums so you can be sure that they are safe and can withstand the test of time. It would also be situated in each unit’s balcony, a unique concept which future unit owners at the Branda Ohm will surely love. Imagine sipping your favourite drink as you relax on your balcony’s infinity pool overlooking the city’s skyline. Doesn’t that feel like you’re on top of the world and living the life?

Ingenious Building Design

Another attractive feature of the Branda Ohm condominium is the egg shaped seemingly-hanging clubhouse nestled at the middle of the building, making the building look more like the ohm symbol, hence its name. You can tell that building this condominium took a lot of love and planning. It really is on a league of its own despite having concept-twins out there like the Honeycomb complex in Bahamas and a luxury building in Malaysia having private pools for each unit as well.
The building design is like a piece of artwork displayed for all of the world to see and adore. It is patterned after the capillary wave or the ripple effect generated by water droplets as they hit a surface, giving the building an almost ethereal presence if seen from afar. Hong Kong based architecture and design firm James Law Cybertecture certainly outdid themselves bringing this building to life; although a quick look at their website shows that their other projects are almost as mesmerizing as the Branda Ohm.
The building isn’t completed yet but we do know that a lot of people would be lining up to pay the $15 million price tag for one of the units in this exquisitely-designed condominium building. Curious to see how it will look like? See this video on youtube and be wowed!
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