Luxury Real Estate Advice: How to Make Sure You Don’t Buy the Wrong House

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When you’re looking at luxury homes, the heart may rule the head – but the best way to make sure you get the right house is to research, research, research. You’ll want to walk around the neighbourhood on foot to make sure you talk with the neighbours and know that this is a great place to live. Know how much you can afford realistically, versus how much you can qualify for on your next mortgage. Working with the right realtor (us!) will help you make the most of your experience and making sure you can get title insurance is a must! Let’s get started and see what other ways can help you avoid buying the wrong house.

Get Your Feet Wet

When you drive by a home, it’s easy to see what you want to see. It’s a beautiful house after all, and who cares about all the people around them? You should care, because this is going to be somewhere you’re going to be living for a very long time. Take time to walk around and talk to the neighbours, find out if there are any issues you need to know about.

Don’t Go it Alone

Yes, we’re luxury Oakville realtors, but you really don’t want to buy a home on your own – especially Oakville luxury homes for sale. There are so many traps, questions and things you need to know before you buy. Understanding how much a home is really worth is something we can help you with, but that’s just the beginning.

How Much Can You Really Afford?

Be honest. We’re not talking about how much you’ve been pre-approved for on your mortgage, we’re asking about how much that you can take on right now. Understanding your real budget will help you not only save money but save time and sanity by looking at the houses that are right for you. Don’t let the heart rule the head when it comes to your finances.

Land Surveys are a Must

Before you sign on that dotted line, you need to know how much of the property is really yours. Don’t be afraid to demand a land survey so you know where the property lines lay. If there have been property line issues in the past on this property, you’ll have a chance to put it all to bed once and for all.

Make Sure Apartments are Legal

If the property comes with a mother in law cottage or basement apartment, you’ll want to make sure they’re legal! There’s no point in putting this much money into an illegal rental if you’re going to end up paying big time on fines or risking your life because it’s not up to code.
When it comes to getting the right house, it all boils down to having someone on your side that can help! If you’re trying to find the right home and just don’t know where to start, give us a call. The Goodale Miller Team has been working in Oakville luxury real estate for years and knows what it takes to make the most of your investment. 

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